How do I find Hongkong Gold BEQUATOR CORP LTD?

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Asked at 2012-03-15 23:34:45
Hey. Can you tell me if this company is a scam ? Sincerely Jesper Nielsen Hong Kong Gold Corp Ltd BEQUATOR Contact us: Company Name : Hong Kong Gold Corp Ltd BEQUATOR Phone: 0086 18278168113 MSN: [email protected] Business E -mail: [email protected] Website: Hong Kong Address: Unit 4 , 13 / F New Trend Centre , 704 Prince Edward Road East Xiamen Address : 21 / F , Lu Jiang Road, Xiamen , China
Answer1GloriaAnswered at 2012-03-15 23:44:07

IS A SCAM ! Most of them , well away < / p > I bought an iPod

of this site, gives me a false tracking number , I keep asking for it, turns around and says he is being detained by customs and wants another export tax 60 % , which is a load of bullsh # t , I ask for my money back and this b @ STARD not respond < / p >

accept nothing less than having a good representative of the people who do not live in China, the grammar is an enormous gift , and PayPal only! < / P >

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Answer2JulieAnswered at 2012-03-15 23:50:17
Seems I have the same problem, the specific Pay Day Monday and also gave me no tracking number on DHL False , now tell me I have to pay 40 bulerías over a hundred because the goods been retained by Customs, I am sending emails Follow me and Sending E Repeat Himself , What can you do about a hay to turn to paragraph report and that does not happen - it one more People ............... ... . regards
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