Tianjin Tanggu District, where the sale decoration materials related questions

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Tianjin Tanggu District, where the sale decoration materials1Michelle A 2012-03-15 23:14:50
Tanggu , dressing materials , where to sell ? As the primer sets .
Recommended Tianjin decoration materials1giant salamander2012-02-19 01:35:44
I was soon to be renovated Tianjin confused Oh, but read a lot of good experienced decoration materials pro-reform marks to say about it , oh no very high economic level, mainly the classification of the quality of earthenware roof rack door Oh tile floor cabinet , so please thanks
Tianjin Dongli District, second-hand housing guide price?1Erin W!!!!!!2012-09-12 13:56:04
Tianjin Dongli District, second-hand housing guide price? Found online is 5600 / sqm. If you sell second-hand house (less than two years) original price to sell, I would like to avoid to pay the difference to the difference between sales tax and personal income tax, the comparison of the disaster shot just bought a house. However, there is a saying, when the transaction is priced lower than the guide price guide price according to the local tax (to avoid tax evasion), I bought a new house for less than the price of a local guide, the original price to sell, does this argument are based on it?
Anshan building materials market? Which of the Med decoration materials better?1Eleanore2012-04-10 22:32:49
Anshan construction materials market ? Which of the Best Med decoration materials ? Do you want the price is cheaper
Decoration materials market in Dalian and decoration companies come together1mustang2012-05-22 20:43:21
Including the development zone . Golden State , these stores are in markets where
Songzi Street in the River City Open decoration materials store where the purchase of various materials are, ah, how much the minimum investment in order to have a store look like it2Connie2022-03-01 06:41:52
Please knowledgeable friend that a good idea, thanks !
What are the decoration materials?1Michelle2012-01-08 19:30:36
Such as the wall surface of the sliding glass door , and more!
Decoration materials0Niqua Lov3ly2012-07-01 23:53:02
I understand the interior decoration of wood and stone types , which can give some information about Yes , hey, hey I have a picture and name
The best wall decoration materials0Kesler2012-07-24 06:27:02
Will not powder out, and then the walls can be cleaned of what material?
Ask decoration materials project2Dicky2016-02-26 19:02:25
I'm ready for decoration, to ask : a house of a renovation of the house has been renovated into a total of construction projects that use what ? Such as bricks , sand , cement , glue , wire , cable , telephone , cable, audio cable, a set of pipes , water pipes , elbows, drain , and so on, because I'm not very understanding about this, I want the image , it is best able to form a list of words to Oh . Thank you ~ ~ ~ ~
There is no decoration materials prices?1Cecil2012-03-17 22:30:11
No decoration materials prices?
There are areas in need of decoration materials?1Pat2012-04-28 06:55:52
There are areas in need of decoration materials ?

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