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English website to find a company to do1Gale2012-03-15 02:07:29
English website to find a company to do what you want on the site in English clothes , I can provide some information.
How to improve the company's English website ranking in google? Nine Notes1stumped2012-10-19 05:26:01
How to improve the company's English website ranking in google? Note nine pages in the English company google, yahoo how to do well in the rankings? Note the following 9 points, I believe this is all the classic notes, do not do it all, but the idea is certainly correct. 1. Coding language question: do the English stations we must first encode the following code to change into English, or English will not be included in your search engine site. gb2312 Simplified Chinese representatives, to be changed to "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1". "UTF-8" covers the widest range of characters is recommended. 2. Server problem: do the English trade website building course to choose the foreign server, the server is best to choose a local well-known service providers This bandwidth, speed, maintenance are more secure. 3. Domain name choice: a) a short domain name easy to spell remember. b) make use of for the European and American markets. COM, this will make your company look more formal. c) the more important point is that include keywords, if you want to register domain names containing keywords are commented out, you can try to add the dash between the key words, such a domain name may be better. For example: www.china-travel-guide.org4. Directory and file name naming rules: a) a directory name, file name, image name can be named using keywords. b) with the dash between key words separated by example: http://www.china-travel-guide.org/post/China-Overview.html5. Title, Description, Keywords, Alt: This is a lot of articles 3 said very clear, simple overview is: a) each page of the Title, description, keywords should be different, and in line with the theme of the page. b) Do not repeat a pile of keywords. 6. Navigation: The navigation is the best option to do the text, the link name is the best keywords, such as inconvenient to have put words in the code, add title tag. For example: china travel guide but also the location of the navigation attention. Is best placed on the top or left side, put on the right is not conducive to the search spiders to crawl the fastest link, does not conform to the general browsing habits. 7. Robots.txt: This is what many beginners often overlook the small details, a direct impact on this small file to your website included. a) check robots.txt file b) ensure that the robots.txt in the correct format of the robots.txt for reference kyw a minute tutorial 8. submitted SITEMAP: with the generation tool (http://www.xml-sitemaps.com) do map file, and then to the google webmaster in the certification, submit sitemap. Able to compare your site indexed quickly, in English and Chinese sites are true. 9. English SEO trick played: the use of social bookmarking to promote the purpose of the website, bookmark abroad have higher PR value, so we need to bookmark for the site in 40 foreign countries to add, but add on the tired one, but also Good people want to do a relative way once and for all: socialposter a collection of 40 class social bookmarking sites allow you to submit all at once, provided you have accounts on these sites
Please help me find a master spent 7000 doing the English Business website! Collapsed. . . .1Chase2011-12-27 19:48:46
Please help me find a teacher spent 7000 making English website business! It collapsed . . . . Master problems led me to see the web site to 7000 soon! ! U.S. to buy the space, reaching the site, which was a kind of sword -cut , the feeling can not go to hospital! ! The mind and body that hurts! ! It has a dead heart. . Immediately the person to change, to change to change to drag half of the year, but there are many places you can not change , he said, can not change , difficult or something! ! Hey. . . . You can not go. . Over time I have is like this now ! ! Until now. . . without any order, any member, any of our guests , not page views .... help me .... .... Could refer ? The women of this small thank you! ! ! http://www.express888.com
How to find the website as per Company Name of Chile.(Can't find from Google)1Mack2012-08-24 08:32:02
Who can help me? Thanks in advance !
Brother I can not find the foreign company's website how can I search0BC2012-07-10 17:40:03
Brother I can not find the foreign company's website how can I search a lot of foreign companies are now online buy information in the release of the company left many short, is not difficult to find the company name may be how to find the company's Web site and which The trick buddy. Comments ... ...
An English question - a trading company vs. a trade company?0a hall2012-07-30 22:33:55
do they mean the same thing? if not, what is the difference? BTW, which is more common to say when speaking of a company that engages in trading, or importing and exporting, etc. thanks for helping me out
How much do a English website1Lovely2012-10-26 19:49:02
English website, how much do a friend to do a website, do not know English, things like how much money.
English website has been routed to the third page of google1N-VAR 2012-04-18 19:26:38
English website has been sent to the third page of Google for the last made ​​a post that my site is included in google three days, and today I tried a keyword, chair of the China office , has been listed on pages of others. Can be pushed back to the first page. Points are experiencing problems: first, the establishment of the station is the use of two domain names, jimdo.com , although this site pr value to 7, but because it is the secondary domain name , domain names that independent site sent a jimdo.com much of the second, the IP address of this site in Germany , much worse than the United States. Third, because it is used jimdo.com station , some functions can not be done , as the pagination of the page , the images can be enlarged and so on. Therefore , efforts have ah http://chinaofficechair.jimdo.com
Large pool of English language learning website14Shaba-laba-ding-dong2018-01-24 02:57:22
Large pool of English language learning website
Determine the level of Foreign Trade English Website SEO Tool1Rachel2012-05-27 08:54:07
Determine the level of Foreign Trade English website SEO tools for Business English site SEO doing? Enter a third party tool used in Europe and America. http://whois.domaintools.com/alibaba.com that an SEO score , usually 60-70 minutes for a good company , good men do under 90 you can test your own foreign stations , the number of points.
Can a trading company put logos of their clients' company at their website ?1jacquie2012-07-28 01:32:02
I am developing a website for a commercial enterprise , I can display the logos of their company's customers on the home page of the website, or there is any copyright infringement that?
I translated these sentences below for our company from Persian to English but i know it have many mistakes.?0Sandeep2012-10-12 17:29:44
Please correct them for me. Thank you. MedlinePlus ? Masir Gostare Sadra company founded by engineer Mohammad Reza Moghtada and Mr. Moghtada in 1994 in Shiraz - . Iran MedlinePlus At first , the company began working with architectural and civil MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 15,700 and began working with telecommunications peers ( Sherkete Mokhaberate Iran ) : engineering , then in 2004 with the management of Mr. Mohamad Moghtada Masir Sadra Gostare improved certificate n . Since then the company beyond all competitors and did many successful projects and most major telephone channels in Shiraz city. MedlinePlus And right now , our company changed the places of telephone channels main projects Shiraz Metro company . MedlinePlus Mr. Mohamad Moghtad , the young CEO of the company , after earning his degree in college ? As a civil engineer , 4 years visited many countries in Asia and Europe and learned from many experiences . Keeping all the activity it had before and through their hard work , started his new business in international trade and marketing . MedlinePlus The main branch of the company is in Shiraz with the management of Mr. Mehdi Moghtada and the second branch of the company is located in Tehran with Mr. Mohammad Moghtada management , the company also has an office in Istanbul with Sr management . Reza Moghtada . < Br > turkeyiran.com is belong to Masir Gostare Sadra company and our goal is to help Turkish businessmen and Iranian businessmen with the use of new technology and modern ? to improve communication and business. MedlinePlus You can contact all company offices for more information.

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