Alert: clothing dealers shift the trap library

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Warning: The clothing merchants change the trap library
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Alert: Traders exchange clothes trap library recently on the subject of distributors and sales marketing industry has become the world's hot spots. Vision with local distributors for Chinese pulse diagnosis exchange of ideas, then China's national retailers are in the end how do the Chinese really like the fate of the merchants, many experts are saying they want to be marginalized? We believe the answer is no. In fact, as long as local distributors of China has a job to fix can get rid of the current difficulties. After a long practice and study, we found that traders who are involved in marketing real bottleneck in the development so far found the best, which is actually the problems encountered by any business will not have to be surprise, has a class of traders are faced with the difficult situation of the marginalized, the daily work of the bank is to hand down wholesale. They use certain social relations, the use of supply and demand for goods in some areas to seek benefits after asymmetric information, its value in the movement of goods is "library movement" but also just a "change of the library. " These traders every day sad day. We know that any part of the distribution of products exist, they can add value to the other parties, with the distribution of changes in the environment, faster product information and transfer of wealth, and transport more convenient, brokers only to provide the resale value of the products in product categories have increasingly been getting smaller and smaller. "Move Database" in the distribution of value has reduced the use of advanced technology can replace the time, so through the "library movement" to make a living doing business have been lucky enough to be removed. So what led so many Chinese local "move library" as part of normal commercial activity? There are two main reasons: First, the manufacturers of imitation. Sales of local companies in China the most important job is to "move from the library," "library movement" of the bank quickly realize the benefits of the product, so that manufacturers of niche business for long imitated the model, this low-cost operation path of economic recovery in China has generated a lot of dealer profits, because in that period, people's expectations is to have more goods, which is called "production mass, mass marketing "of the time. Needs of business consumers of manufacturers is one: "Give me more real." This phase lasted at least 10 years. Second, the planned economy, the stigma of mental models the company. China's planned economy for 40 years in business owners second generation left as a mark: the circulation of all national requirements for participation in the profits of each other, and that the benefits are the protection of the country in all aspects of the movement of goods, provided the same amount of real "change" down a link that can benefit. Through the "Move Database" the benefits of doing business in mainland China has launched a total of 50 years, until the flow of foreign companies to enter the modern enterprise in mainland China. The "Wal-Mart", "Carrefour", as the representative of the modern enterprise retail "everyday low prices" in line with economic recovery after the second stage of product development expectations, "Give me cheaper products, "so that the recovery of the economic price war as the inevitable product of the second phase of popularity in mainland China, the reduction of retail prices for the dealer had to" move from the library "Part of the proceeds to offset the loss of profits of retailers, distributors operating revenues began to deteriorate. Of course, the "Metro" as the representative of the modern wholesaler also to "move library" attacked gain a national distributor of China, which had a more consistent product acquisition and convenience for the consumer of the second package, according to new packaging re-pricing, dealers are "moving bank" profits have been squeezed again. Market laws shows once again: the gain is one that provides the market value of the company. China's economy breaks and limits lead to the third stage of economic recovery has come early, "gives me a better product." At this stage, the functions of the commodity brokers often face a major adjustment, however, puts the needs of brokers increased substantially. They are all Chinese, "Move Database" type of re-emergence distributors the opportunity of heaven. "Wal-Mart" was born 60 years with the past century, the increase in the 80s of last century. "Wal-Mart" secret of success is the words "everyday low prices, excellent quality, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction," which is better to be alone "Wal-Mart," hidden "prices everyday low "behind the Holy Grail, much of its success is the service a success. Then China to jump from local dealers who "move library" trap, a successful recovery from the transition? Our "recipes" are: warning: clothing distributors trap library change :2007-03-12 9:00 Source: selection of Chinese clothing and foreign online text: medium and one small. "Distribution" training cycle clothing brand distributor difficulty unraveling the "distribution" in itself "library movement" historical product of the economy, which can only be assigned to customer distributor manufacturers. The current state of the limitations There are two major distributors of factors: the property and the manufacturers have no volume market price pressure. Dealers are having to pay for one of the financial pressures, capital gains on the other side by the impact of market prices had to take orders from manufacturers. Distributors can only accelerate the turnover of capital to work on capital gains to offset the gap and permanently in the "load red load down" phenomenon has become an inevitable phenomenon. Therefore, the "distribution" of narrow targeting is China the only method of self-help traders. Here we arrive at a way to escape the "distribution" approach. II. The value of the assets in your hands "energized" calling the story of a clothing salesman commodities value-added method to stop business simple fact is: the provision of services. Services are not necessarily increase costs, but to improve cost performance, for example, to improve the sample, the re-combination products, the old custom, to improve the business environment and other facilities, its essence is to make consumers feel more. Of course, here to do one important thing: Do not move up prices for consumers or customers to negotiate and make them sensitive to prices, as part of any negotiations unless the negotiations led to significant resources, otherwise negotiations would be the losers. Jiangsu has a motorcycle business for sale: Jiang Su Haoyuan. Overall decline in the motorcycle market, the 2005 Spring Festival, to achieve sales and earnings have increased, it began in 2003 because the product of a class, after-sales service in a lot of work, and this has been the major vehicle manufacturers of motorcycles, "Great River" group trust, allowing some of its settings retail prices. Yuan trade commodities in Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Sanli, Chengdu Dengdou Gaulle in 1998 to strengthen services to customers and consumers to form a local company brands, manufacturers and their willingness to adapt products to local prices also received the implementation of certain decisions of market prices. III. They focus on building brand commercial dealers do a good job in their own circle distributor base of the terminal market, it is a strange phenomenon: Many businesses do not want to promise a great way to establish their brand, but also because very strange, not afraid to spend money, especially for fear of industrial and commercial taxes, thinking a lot about fear factory before your wings "cut". In fact, a reasonable tax avoidance is legitimate, of course, tax evasion is not much you can save, adding, if the blind fear of the manufacturers to "rattle" and the manufacturers themselves can not win fair and reasonable The position is also required to lower capital gains deserve, to "punch down cargo products" for other companies, "cut" is the only culprit. Courage to make his own trademark, "Su Ning," "United States", "Wumart", "Paradise" is your example. IV. Distributor of the Cross set: No, what distribution? Circulation to enter the mass market of goods, once the third and fourth level is a hot topic, in fact, five cross-industry markets in the third and fourth level has a very good base, industry bell motorcycle in Zhejiang, China, Zhejiang three or four markets have has 200 stores, plans to develop in 2005 to 500 and all benefits. They come with several motorcycles so you can set up a small stand in the chain of consumer goods, something so good, why not? Recipe for some of the traditional Chinese traders are made so that all is well. In short, China catch up with the third stage of economic recovery, full of hope for our distributors. But keep in mind: escape from the "Move Database" trap, get rid of "marketing" position. We do not want foreign devils who had advanced to this point. [EM25] This post has been edited at 04/30/2008 9:49:59
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