Commerce is connected at ** , I give pay he does not give deliver goods how do

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Trade Yu Aiqin connected , I give does not pay to deliver goods as
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This type of problem suggests that you pick up the provision of evidence expected to complain inform against the forum to complain inform against. Http :/ / or on a secure page Bacheng Ba believed to complain Http :/ / / safetycenter.html commissioner is able to be accepted . Stick person: Judgment of the company is reliable. Above all, analysis of the judges of one's work is what you have on your network to record data and information of supply and demand, the full name of the company is legislation such as a name of the entire enterprise must include 3 shares, which have mainly unregistered land instead of belonging to place the name of the administrative division into districts; His appearance later, the name is normative, part of the name contains 9 to common management of defense trade name, Alibaba to be like "network technology" Alibaba is the name, network technology advocate course of study, but it must have a constituent form below. In any limited liability company or limited liability company or corporation. The company should choose to have the name of law as far as possible means that trade on the network. Meanwhile, if the registration is to be observed by the company indicates it clear through the camping place of specific purpose, and fixed office phone and your company to register the land if they meet before it continues to have a mobile phone 7, paragraph number out of concern either to the management of land fit, does not agree with being about to be worth monitoring. Additional, you can analyze the judgment of the scope of operations, either as a small company, but the extent of multiple operations is however, not doing well in traffic and population of the earth, moreover, which are managed, Do not look for him to be in the management of advocating or course of study while maintaining the battalion, which manages the merchandise independently and also prohibit or restrict management products (no special permit relevant , however). The attention that the company is on the network if the Charter of the firms expected to record the legal management procedures, can carry out appropriate inquiries is checked, the business of government that can happen to a public authority makes a site the first few or industrial and commercial inquiries from the site. The safest method is to pass the door of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the investigation if it is legally registered and annual monitoring puts add. If the company has a website, you can also check if the research is the PCI site management of sex for the record. In the hands of the network Jian Yi to discuss the first-choice sincere letter tells a member, a member of the letter, because honestly it is a separate course Ali Yu cling to cling to the certification company tripartite orgnaization certification has to cross truthful and lawfully, should be relatively reliable. Attention is checked to verify the legal representative of trade if the other side is a company or driver, the trade agreement with the person on the other side of the person that if a company is credited classic, also does business at least. Commerce, in addition to analyzing the first part of trade in primary verification of the other party is legitimate out of existence, the state still shows a contact is reliable, can not risk the trap base price that is ignored the news of supply and demand and greed is cheap and necessary. In trading on the other side in advance in the communication process of communication, they must understand their critical condition as far as possible is good to discover and realize the sincere letter to go the way, do not want to believe what one listen to assume that the signal Huayán artistic, sincere letter is to rely on reflecting the trade performance, not based on his mouth to speak, should prevent a trap to be converted by the accident of pasta! In the specific commercial level, no matter how much transaction size, is to keep account of the relevant data of the information, valuation and agreement in writing, a specific and definite agreement is explicit trade name award the other party or the full name and address, contract standards, quantity, monovalent, quality, time for performance and place, the media, to pay the contract, such as time and payment of non-responsibility contract and the means of dispute settlement clause is necessary, unless the buying and selling immediately knot trades Qing Dynasty, but need not sign a contract. Remittances and direct surface will prevent by all means the individual account, unless the company says a specification. Trade on the net in A, if choose to pay Treasury to settle accounts with trade as a possible means to operate strictly as a request to carry out the payment in accordance with the affirmation of their reckoning.
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