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Foreign Trade and Foreign Relations (4)1~tundra women~ 2011-12-28 05:44:41
Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs (4)
Foreign Trade and Foreign Relations (2)1Lucy2012-09-27 13:10:05
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (2)
Foreign Trade and Foreign Relations (1)1Alyonka2012-09-06 17:52:02
Foreign Trade and Foreign Relations (1)
Why are some politicians concerned with world trade yet put little stock in better foreign relations?1Deep 991030 - 2012-10-14 11:25:01
better relations wouldnt trade help ?
Why is maintaining positive relations with major trading partners vital to a successful foreign policy?0mara2012-07-22 23:43:01
in this question I'm talking about Georgia, but a vague examle would be much appreciated too.
The distinction of foreign trade B2b and foreign trade B2C1Pumpen 2012-01-06 18:05:44
Since the development of flight Internet, B2B, B2C large amounts of e-commerce company such as C2C grow rapidly increasing, and the requirement that foreign trade B2B B2b Marketplaec may have satisfied the process that the foreign trade B2C also being developed. So the distinction between foreign trade and B2C B2B trade abroad, where perhaps that is diverse in demand? The B2C services, foreign trade foreign trade B2B himself dedicated to providing products, the company and supply and demand to make easy the news is aimed at final consumers directly, the guy put on the network retailly , delivering consumer products. Foreign trade cargo B2B benefit collection pattern reachs relevant service providing information, usually channel gain has cost members, the advertising rate, the rows of loads seeking to expect. Scores of foreign trade B2C profit by selling products directly, the dealer is mixed with the difference in purchase price, the manufacturer remains manufacturing cost of manufacturing the product sales revenue. Cash foreign trade of cash flows spill B2B have newspapers, collect fees, is a collection of longer suffer the effects of changes in the economic environment and the great skill of the person from office B2B easily. Cash flows relatively stable foreign trade B2C, seasonal, the product will be influential, the viscosity of the customer is high, repeat by drinking lots, the loyal customer that has stability through the meeting of the group after a period of time. Personal displays the B2B trade for consulting group, group technology, customer service group, business group. Popularized foreign B2C Commerce group, group technology, customer service group, the content of throwing to a group. The foreign trade of the earning capacity of B2B with dimensions of victory, integral dimensions of profit is enormous, but the investment will result in the cycle is longer, the gain is lower. B2C trade foreign professionals to victory, the size is smaller, in general, and dedicated to some type of product portfolio is small, but fast and efficient investment can earn more rapidly. As Alibaba, the advent of electronic trading platform such as ECVV, almost all companies can start online B2B e-business, net from the first line of a verse in a book is a foreign trade business. Do not take this the intranet of the selling function in the stands for each network or information of supply and demand itself to the launch pad becomes largest B2B platform entering the Internet market. Alibaba, the world tour of resources and network ECVV a small bay in a river in a small bay in a river of the largest platform in our country a few B2B, be contrary especially the production company foreign trade, these platforms are in incipient had a big effect, as the company grows, the conduct propaganda that the company builds its web site in general website, including foreigners, by putting a search engine advertising, but gradually the sale of the network can organize itself to ignore the importer of foreign trade and overseas business with client connection goes abroad to foreign trade directly. In this case, the product comes from the factory during the hand of the consumer is an importer-exporter ordinal factory in our country, abroad, the supermarket, consumers. And the efficiency and cost is very high net retail on.B2C also be a type more consumer news sells nearly continuous pattern on the one hand, through such means can obtain market information more sensitive, the popular trend of the focal points product that runs with respect to the guarantee of good and very well so, on the other hand, this type of media is the fastest means of communication today, may offer a new hand consumer products in the shortest time in, get feedback.
how to do foreign trade well?1Muriel2012-03-13 21:16:20
We are the manufacturer mainly dealing in PE and EVA beach slippers and sandals. How du I can trade it? ?
Detail about Foreign Trade course?0keven2012-07-30 05:13:57
I am Sachin Sakpal presently working with Export firm as Export Import Asst. in Mumbai. I am Handling DGFT work, BL, follow up with Shipping co. & documentation work. I had completed, DBM & currently giving exam of Diploma in Foreign Trade. I wish to do my career in Export field. For further studies i have seen detail about Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Mgmt (PGDLM) on IIMM (Indian Institue of Material Management) website. You are completed PGDLM course from IIMM, so require ur advice Can this course is suitable to my field? It
Where can I trade foreign currency?0vee2012-08-01 03:16:02
I am trying to find out where to trade forex. I have seen a few brokers but because of their aggressive marketing, I am suspicious of them. I like to know a reputable broker and way to go about it in order to have a good trading experience.
Pointing in the needs of foreign trade1Christia2012-04-12 20:59:31
Industry engaged in foreign trade , they need someone to guide our company has been involved in foreign trade , said a friend recently launched e-commerce helps the company , I would ask about what it should be noted that the site ?
Do foreign trade of the must-see article0Kell2012-07-07 08:40:07
Do foreign trade have to see the article on business skills for the Raiders offer one of Daquan 20/682709.htm offer foreign commercial skills to negotiate the two cases of patients with export quotations / 04/20/682716.htm 20 / 682713.htm a common means of foreign trade and the characteristics of a liar how to determine whether customers want to set the sample? ~ ~ HEAD = NNS small businesses in foreign trade can step into the trap of / 2007/04/16/681742 real advice . htm Total price negotiations - negotiations back real ~ ~ HEAD = U.S. dollars NNS Tips - defeating http://chem.bosslink . com / meters Daquan htmlnews/2007/04/23/683037_0.htm Commercial Strategy
Why do foreign trade business, you do not?1Olaf2011-12-30 22:59:01
Why do foreign trade business , right? Many people will think , why foreign trade with all the effort is similar, but some were larger and larger, as they develop into better and worse. I think this is his personal collection with the idea of ​​a great relationship, and who thought only of how the operations of collection, will be the safest, but not standing in the position of the buyers to consider, in the United States and Europe , we prefer to pay by credit card online, but to do business with him, went to the bank have to do bank transfers, credit cards , payment by this method often costs you a lot of customers. Look at those who do wind and water, an online payment site will not work. So in order to expand your business, we have to choose a good collection of channels , difficulties in this regard to find my friends can talk about it .

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