System re-installation problems

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Each boot appears this is the reason ? NTLDR missingpreass any key to restart
Answer1YukiAnswered at 2012-03-13 21:32:09
NTLDR is missing the beginning of this paper is the files of Windows 2000/XP, you can use the CD, and then remove the installation CD. NTLDR is a victory nt/win200/WinXP the boot file, this file is not found after reboot prompts "NTLDR is missing ..." and asked to press any key to restart, can not enter the system correctly. Therefore, should be given in the system when the normal backup. NTLDR is doing what? How to fix the NTLDR file type you need? NTLDR is a hidden, read-only file system, the position of the root directory in the system tray, which is used to load the operating system. Overall the system boot process is as follows: code 1, 2 the power of self-test program is running, the master boot record is loaded into memory, and started the program 3, the sector boot the active partition is loaded into memory 4, NTLDR from the boot sector 5 is loaded and initialized, the processor 32-bit real-mode memory mode softened 6, NTLDR runs the appropriate file system smaller. Small file system driver is based on internal NTLDR can read FAT or NTFS. 7, Reading 8 NTLDR boot.ini, NTLDR loads the operating system * If the selected NT / XP is selected, NTLDR runs for other operating systems, NTLDR loads and executes Bootsect.dos and passes control thereto. Windows NT process is complete. search list and send NTLDR computers, so that the information included in HKE Y_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWARE. 10. Then load NTLDR Ntoskrnl.exe, Hal.dll and the system of collecting information. 11.Ntldr search system information gathering, and load the configuration of the device driver for the device starts working 12.Ntldr control to ntoskrnl.exe, then start at the end of the process, the loading phase begins when the file does not exist, can be extracted from the installation CD, the method is: 1 in system recovery console. 2, go to drive C:. 3, type "copy X: I386 NTLDR C: " (Note: X is the drive letter) and press Enter, if prompted to overwrite, press "Y", then type the command exit to exit the console to restart can be.
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