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Is SHENZHEN HUOLONG ELECTRONIC a genuine supplier2Oscar2012-03-13 07:17:51
I have an appointment for the delivery of this company and I'm ready to place an order, but something does not ring true . They claim to be 4 years with Alibaba Gold Supplier , but I can not find at the site of Alibaba. Is this a real company or a scam ? How can display the logo of four years of Alibaba in place if it is correct? Is this legal ? Kev.
Has anyone found an honest and reliable supplier of electronic cigarettes in Shenzhen?8Oma2016-12-05 22:03:47
Hello, I am setting up online store for cigarettes and y would be grateful if other Western buyer has succeeded in finding a honest supplier of quality products in Shenzhen electronic cigarette could help me. My target market is Australia , at least that Australia is unlikely to be helping one of his competitors. I am new to Alibaba and have done some research / due diligence on what to consider in a potential supplier , and has several preset options now. However, there is nothing to inspire confidnence as a positive review from another buyer , like me. To clarify what I'm looking a little more: my ideal partner is based in Shenzhen, as I would like to buy as close to the manufacturing source as possible to keep prices low . I want to buy high quality products and am willing to pay what it's worth . I would like to make smaller the first orders to test the waters of my potential market. On a related note , does anyone know what the prices are fair to good quality products of electronic cigarettes such as Joye ego , the ego -T , 510 , e- juice, etc? I am willing to pay more for good quality , because I want both the supplier and to myself the benefit of a long term relationship . I do not want to be deceived, so if there is a current price list of what is considered fair, then I would be very happy to hear from anyone who is familiar with it. Thank you very much in advance. I hope to be able to repay the aid of a day.
Shenzhen Lizhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.0Jenny Lynn2012-07-28 16:38:02
looking to do busines with this sum CUS , but simply wanted to see if anyone has had any dealings with them .. SHENZHEN Zhongzheng Electronic Technology Co., LTD Sales Department . Zheng Jame Tel : +86-15502005305 Fax: +86-755-83554321 E -mail : Website [email protected] :
Please confirm this company as a legitimate supplier . They are asking for a bank transfer to the person and the name of the company, we usually just send bank transfers in company name only.
How do you know if the supplier genuine or scammer1vicuna2012-01-05 05:12:53
I wanted to ask the phone and the provider has a UK address and telephone number and registered UK company , but when you call the phone number does not work and they tell you are on a business trip. The supplier wants to send money by Western | Union. You tell them about the risk andthey suggest that you can deposit money on behalf of his wife and scan and send the deatils for products Shipp then and you pay when you receive your order.
checking if supplier is genuine2Bowe2012-03-18 00:52:06
Signature is Yiwu Toy Taojie a safe company ? th
how do I verify a genuine supplier2David2012-03-08 21:46:54
once I get business contacts Alibaba , how I can prove they are authentic ?
Who has dealt with Shenzhen fly electronic company limited0Precious2012-09-15 18:41:02
Hey . Just wondering if anyone here has done business with the company Shenzhen fly electronic limited . Their website is : - I'm looking to buy micro sd memory cards :)
How do I find Shenzhen you&my Electronic technology group co?2Stephanie2012-01-06 17:27:57
How I can know that my colleagues and Shenzhen Electronics Technology Group?
Shenzhen Honesty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.CAREFUL BANDIT ???8say,,, 2016-07-25 05:26:46
You think it's normal to buy material ( tablet pc), and you trust the seller, and all you get your 2 pills not work, the promise of a seller Tablett with GPS ... but after 20 emails to tell you not to his GPS, but if you take abonement and maps of purchase ... The tablets are touch screen lock , USB does not work , there is no GPS , 3G only works if you buy a special USB modem (but dont tell when sold )! You ask him to return the money , he refuses ! You asked to exhange with products from other refuse ! You ask to care for the cost of delivery (since broken) refuses ! He only offers a solution: You were never sent back to work (so you pay shipping) , when you get to see, and send you the Chinapost (which means no WARRANTY on shipping, no WARRANTY , if your break ... ), because Sir Refuse to Jihai Chen sent back by EMS or DHL (that's too much for him) . And the thing is that you are not sure to get back your pills, but not sure of returning to work ! And anyway , if the fate of his work will have to invest at the top , especially USB modem 2, on the map and abonement .... So morality THEY tablets are peace of sh.t !
Shenzhen and Guangzhou to ask the computer and electronic products, where the purchase0elangovalan2012-07-09 10:08:01
Shenzhen and Guangzhou to ask the computer and electronic products, where the purchase

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