Product search agent high-tech fuel economy

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Powson (track God) development goals: the idea of ​​"Running God" strong R & D, and we have the advantage of combining global market, to create a world "run God" network of exclusive products area . Our motto is: the global energy and environmental protection tireless efforts! Powson (hint of God) of the six characteristics: 1, the business risk is small --- the company does not charge any deposit, gold agent. 2, the lesser circulation --- to the headquarters of the officers, agents effective in increasing competitiveness. 3, --- price stability margins of profit dealers are protected. 4, the quality of the product --- easy to install and more environmentally friendly and save money. 5, the market potential --- With the pace of rapid growth in the automotive industry, the return on investment. 6, co-market planning and long --- now, to extend the assessment period of qualified agents, business stability. In Powson (track God) the requirements of regional actors: 1, financial strength, reputation of the company, the marketing team, professional and technical, has good generalization ability of the company. 2, there are entrepreneurs and have experience in business, a work of passion, a dedicated industry knowledge all areas of life. 3, a set of investment plans and working capital market, improve marketing programs. Powson (track God) dedicated to providing the support six: 1, the marketing and promotional activities in support of the guidance. 2, sales training, team building and technology support. 3, the exclusive distributor of the system specification. 4, the reserves of powerful products. 5, support direct and effective. 6, excellent dealer incentives. Phone: 13714455741 ID: candy0520 QQ: 33715049
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Phone: 13714455741 ID: candy0520 QQ: 33715049
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