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PT Puranama Bicycle SCAMMERS1Lyl2012-03-12 20:30:03
This company is not lagite and fraud will You will be asked to pay on private account to avoid charges. Do not go there they will surely SCAM.
scammer bicycle supplier (INDOCYCLES.COM IS SCAMMERS???)1lizard2012-05-05 22:42:20
This is a company that is not official and real in Indonesia. They are scammers .. ! I tried to see the company Indocycles . And I read the forums on Indocyles of the company. This is a company that smells fishy. They are not real .. and is the same company with different websites. They are scammers .. !
A new type of scammers from UK, US and Australia: scammers of buyers askfing for samples and then say bye-bye!1Ronnette2012-07-14 01:36:02
are they scammers?4quail2012-02-28 21:47:15
Korea have a "client" alibaba year.they last visited us three times. every time they eat and drink , but never place the promises and never disappeared this year order.make achieve.but responses to my replies to my phone call. are scams ? I send your company name and photos in the Alibaba forum ?
How do I avoid scammers in trading?0· ① zi generation pet you 2011-12-20 23:49:27
How to avoid scams and frauds in the trade?
steps to identify scammers.1Dicky2012-04-09 23:52:31
This is how I normally do to identify scammers , with this, you should be fine for some time.
Shenzhen Zhongtou Industry Co - Scammers?5kylie2016-11-23 17:48:43
We have contacted the company that previously have asked on three machines used with a high value. They say they want to go ahead and buy without a physical inspection of the equipment , which is very rare and have seen some comments here regarding this company I was hoping someone can shed some light on them for me .
perfect camera trading scammers or not1Kelsi2012-03-25 18:49:00
I'm looking to drop ship Nikon D3x on this company and want to know if they are good or scammers thanks.
Is this company real or fake (scammers)2Harrie2012-01-04 20:07:25
Trading Company is Lucky , a company that sells hats, are a true member of Alibaba, and they are legit ?
Let us fight scammers in Electronics field10gopher2012-08-26 12:39:02
I have a suggestion, because most buyers and sellers who suffer from scammers and cheaters on this site. I'm sure Alibaba also suffering. I have a suggestion to make a list of non - trusted companies that we on this side and discover that they are either crooks, cheats, false, or EVN for one way or another. Let's start with electronic distributors, because it was announced before more than 90% of them are scams in one way or a tro. Alibaba also, though they are not responsible for scammed or victims, but actually offer to help them and their only help existing businesses, and the company can fool more than 10 buyers a day, and only Alibaba can pay up to $ 1000 for the victims, then put the fake on the black list, this is good, but some poor people may come too late and not have a cent of your money back ripped off. I will be breif of this: Make a list in this forum contains all false comapnies still exist in Alibaba, I'll start the list for you: If anyone knows pls fake company just put here on this list ... Please e-traders only .. suppliers of gold and free members. Tulip International Trade Co., Ltd. This company is not 100% false, but are not trusted, be careful in dealing with them. I havemany reasons for saying this. Be careful, you will be diffrent.Although products are members of Alipay, and accept PayPal .. But wasting time and cause loss to you, stay away from them. ELECTRONICS247 LTD: Free member U.S. registered and information from the United Kingdom is a great con man, do not deal with them.
Which bicycle would you choose?0mouse2012-10-09 13:09:45
I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend . Among his things and mine , no additional storage space and pay for storage is a waste. I have a Raleigh bicycle hanging from the ceiling I want to sell or market and replace it with a new bike . A folding bike sounds like a good solution for storage and portability , but I realize that 's going to pay for that convenience . Is it worth it for the quality of the bike ? I want a different bike , regardless of whether a folding because the bar on my bike now is a little too high for me and the bike is too heavy to carry up and down stairs of my building (no elevator ) . I would prefer a female looking bike too. I am more than recreational rider , but maybe I would ride more if it was not a task as pulling the bike from the apartment. However , I am concerned that a portable bike would be much easier to steal . I was considering: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
who want to buy electric bicycle?0candler2012-07-18 01:47:02
if someone want to buy electric bike please contact me,our company is a manufacturer.

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