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Export from bangladesh1shadmanikerman 2012-03-12 00:07:26
I mukit . I am going to export any product of Bangladesh. If interest ant body contact me. thanks 8801720667444
How do I find T-shirt from bangladesh?1chinchilla2012-04-02 05:22:06
I have to find products from Bangladesh
How do I find maize impoter name from Bangladesh?2Rudy2012-05-08 18:31:21
How I can find the name of corn impoter of Bangladesh?
How do I find flour producing machineries from Bangladesh?1N-VAR-COLL 2012-01-07 18:53:59
I want the address of local agent in Bangladesh exporting flour production machinery.
our company to becomr agent of TIG 250IU IM Injection in bangladesh.2Yennis2011-12-22 05:07:44
Immune globulin human tetanus (TIG ) 250 IU im injection to import and market in Bangladesh, now, how I can contact the manufacturer and marketing company to appoint an agent not?
Bangladesh strike, thousands of miners were trapped about 200 Chinese mine1Elvira2012-02-18 02:31:46
World Wide Web in journalist practices Feng Li reported that the Voice of America News March 25 , Bangladesh 25 , authorities said a mine in northern Bangladesh, 23 more than 1,000 miners went on strike , and at least 700 workers sat in the area of mining, that about 200 Chinese . According to reports, the miners' union and a stalemate in negotiations of Chinese contractors , miners went on strike for better wages . He alleged that officials of the miners' strike Shihai attacks and looting. Bangladesh, the official state oil and gas company said the situation was " no government " state. At present, Bangladesh officials tried to give food and other necessities to those trapped in the mine with a workforce of about days.
Can a private limited company start import and export business without any export import licence in india.?3abd2016-06-06 20:30:54
make a limited company and we intend to start importing goods from Malaysia for trading purposes , now that we are registered as a limited liability company does not require a license for the import of goods saperately .
help in export2Lorraine2012-01-26 18:36:56
providers are looking good - clothing warranty , certification (SGS , authorization GSE) , fast delivery
Cycle export2jess.2012-08-04 03:05:50
What is a good store indunesia cycle on export ?
****import, export****?0Dicky2012-07-28 06:51:03
Explain the use of International Trade terms and give at lease some examples to back up your explanation. Why does the Import/Export business use these terms along with other industry terminology?
How to export to Norway?0tish2012-10-10 21:11:14
Hello friends , I will try to open a business of import / export of local Italian to Norway , where he would have a customer.There would trade barriers ? some customs ? and worth ? any advice is welcome ! all of one abracio
How to be an Export Agent?1Arche2012-02-16 03:05:35
Hello fellow people , I am interested in becoming an Agent of Export Trade , as being full-time staff employee career for myself and hopefully expand into a bigger business in the future. As experience goes, I have no experience and am a newbie and I think this is a great way for me to enter this industry. I'm from BC , Canada and would like to work with Canadian companies export to India and vice versa. Can anyone give me some tips on how to enter the industry? What are some basic steps to get started? What is your story and how did you succeed ? I think this is a great opportunity for me because the governments of Canada / India are trying to increase trade among themselves , and has recently signed a free trade agreement . Canadian exports to India is a very small piece of the cake and the government is trying to triple trade with India in the coming years. So I like to be part of this growth. Thank you !

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