Any disk into the computer prompts "no floppy disk drive, please drive G: to insert the floppy disk" related questions

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Any disk into the computer prompts "no floppy disk drive, please drive G: to insert the floppy disk"1Leona2012-03-11 12:41:33
I entered the computer will prompt any dish , "there is no disk drive, please drive G : to insert the disc" , I can reinstall the system , too, that hotties know , please let us , Thanks!
My mobile U disk, there is not open: The computer has found a new hard disk access, but were double-click to open display "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open1Benso2012-04-19 23:12:34
My mobile U disk , is not open : The team has found a new hard disk access , but were double- click to open the "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open
SD card not recognized in the mobile phone to connect to the computer and can be displayed as a removable disk but the space can not be formatted prompted to insert disk 00m2012-07-26 19:32:02
The SD card not recognized in the mobile phone to connect to your computer can display a removable disk is not formatted, but space is 0, you are prompted to insert the disk or use the card reader can be divided
How to remove the floppy disk write full account1Phat T 2012-02-05 22:40:40
Removing the disk write to account
Why my computer disk double stroke does not leave, when doubleclicking, appear " the dialog box that chooses to open a process please " which ace helps1Antoin2012-04-28 23:40:51
Why my career double disc of the computer does not go away when you double click , then " dialog box is chosen to launch a process , please" , as that helps ~ ~ ~
Poisoning my computer too much, re-done system, why the double-D and E disk drive not open?1Nic2012-01-09 00:51:36
Poisoning by my team too , re- make the system , why the double-D and E drive is not open ? New system is XP , with no change in the original partition , just reformat the C drive and reinstall. A total of 3 partitions C , D , E. The question now is : just double-click the C drive can be opened, hard drive must use the mouse and the keys can open, double click on the ED after hour, jumped out a window and asked what is open ? ? Shoot, my drive unit , the files a lot, convenient format ! This is how ah? What solution can be found?
Why does my computer office2003 is not installed on it? Installation progress bar shows very slow, and the ability to read the disk drive on it?1vole2012-06-14 00:45:02
Why is my computer office2003 is not installed on it? The installation progress bar shows very slow, and the ability to read the drive on it ?
My computer D drive, E, F, G, H, etc. Double-click the disk does not open, only right click to open, but the C drive but can, what is the reason?1Boo 2012-04-13 18:49:30
My computer drive D , E, F , G, H , etc. Double- click the disk does not open, just right-click to open, but the C drive can , but what is the reason?
Why is my computer can recognize but can not open the mobile hard disk, open when prompted to "not open"0vishal2012-07-14 09:57:02
After re-starting E F disk drive gone1_ M. You.. 2012-04-09 17:59:31
Starting the morning, less than two minutes to complete the system boot blue screen suddenly began to think that a system failure . ( The system used for two years , two months ago with an error after shutdown , the system displays each time you start the dialog winnt.dll start instruction can not find the correct one given discharge . In the system as usual. ) after power failure reset can enter the system. but can not access the drive unit E , F ( HDD: Jinzuanqidai , 40G partition CDEFG ) Dual Shock says " disk not formatted " disk EF View Property Size Disk 0. as a new hard disk is not formatted just a few minutes a good area. The board of two , can not use the program installed. C , D, G. plate But everything is normal. reboot into DOS. Input ( dir / w ), E , F disk can not be access . The system is dead. restart in DOS anti -Q C , D, G plate was normal. use Ghost to restore the original system ( the system has not installed any new material) , or can not access the E, F disk. can actually see the ghost of the E, F in the archive. Guiqiu of people to help save the two disks in the file!
I dont know which disk drive to get for my xbox 360.?1Suzi2012-09-19 03:34:02
I changed a radio to the Xbox 360 and the long drive did not work and I tried to fix it but it never worked , so I just throw the puck out until I got a new one. and now I have enough money to buy a new hard drive , but the problem is I do not know what drive to get because I know you have to get one particular . The Xbox 360 is white and the coating is gray . I remember the old broken drive had a silver plate on the front that said xbox 360 disc drive opens .. but again not sure if that was anyway RHD ... the date on the back I was looking for , said MFA : 2007 and the date and all that stuff MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help me identify or tell me what I have to buy for her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks a lot have a nice day .
How to play the "Removable Disk"?1Mayer2012-01-12 01:52:07
I am using Sony MP3 , just buy a few days ago , so the next song , somehow , I use the USB cable to connect your computer MP3 later in "My Computer ", but the removable disk. So I 'm really worried ! Please help me ?

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