What is wifi phone functions?

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What is the function wifi phone?
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WiFi : Wireless Fidelity , also known as the 802.11b standard , its biggest advantage is the highest transmission speed of up to 11 Mbps, while its effective range is also very long, but also with the existing variety of devices 802.11DSSS . The most popular books this summer - is based on standard Centrino technology and wireless Internet access has become a reality. It covers a wide range of radio waves , radio based on Bluetooth technology , coverage is very small, only about 50 feet or so a radius of about 15 meters, and the Wi -Fi, up to about 300 feet radius 100 meters , the Office since it goes without saying that throughout the building can also be used . The company recently launched a new Vivato switch . It is known that the products of current Wi- Fi wireless about 100 meters communication range of 300 meters to 4 miles extends about 6.5 km.
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