Ask Giridharan a Question:how can I find our sole agent in the international market ? related questions

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Ask Giridharan a Question:how can I find our sole agent in the international market ?3y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-03-10 02:56:42
We are the only automaker anti -collision product , you can brake and sounded the alarm , once high-speed emergency and fagitue driver. As the market Develoment , we find the only agent in the world, but research is small.I Alibaba not know how to deal with it , can you help me ? thanks
Ask Giridharan a Question:0Linea2012-08-13 01:53:03
If I had to start with Alibaba and again, what is one thing you would do differently ?
Ask Giridharan a Question:1Lyl2012-01-17 06:19:40
Hello . I am looking for a supplier for my business. How I can verify a business of Alibaba. Do you know anything about sports Azib . Thanks for your time.
Ask Giridharan a Question:1Amsden2012-05-07 00:32:58
I am a man of service, but I love business. I want to start business housebase where I start with the small-scale enterprises . kindly help me pl give me an idea of it ( i find a business like , shirt heat machine , poha manufacturing , bag etc.
Ask Giridharan a Question:2Priscilla2018-08-31 07:22:18
why not ask? [ EM8 ] i HVE was employed foreigh trade more than half a month, i di not receive a single query. I'm going crazy . so bad. One thing to note , I have no window products . is the problem? Please
Ask Giridharan a Question:1bear2011-12-30 18:53:48
Giridhar hi / my name is Paul from England I am looking for suppliers in India who can supply CR39 optical lenses / lens high index of / etc / i is not made ​​in India comes to England, but I would try directly if can help large / hoping to hear from you soon
Ask Giridharan a Question:2Carver2012-03-26 19:22:05
Giridharan Hello , I would find a particular supplier of blank t-shirts in Australia exported out of Bangladesh. The provider is a blank shirt label called "AS COLOR" in Sydney (NSW ) region. I love the quality and the fabric and would like to buy the same quality directly. Can you suggest a way I can know which company in Bangladesh is making these shirts ? Best wishes Stuart
Ask Giridharan a Question:1Ruby2012-03-22 00:34:36
How I can find a contact lens manufacturer to send me your contact lenses and I pack myself in boxs had designed my website on it and such?
Ask Giridharan a Question:0Aubree2012-10-14 10:59:56
hello sir , I will soon start a business in East Africa. i will be selling beauty products afro. ( Human hair , afro beauty products ) , electical products found in beauty supply stores. Seling i was in retail , but im planning to expand the stores over time. I wonder if I can be able to get a suppllier that may be able to provide all these things to because I think it will be better and easier to deal with one supplier since I'm new at this . Do you have any advice you could give me please . I need help . Thank you.
Ask Giridharan a Question:0Kerwi2012-05-30 01:04:08
Hello I need some machinery for the manufacture of glass in Afghanistan can help me find it in India. and what services do you offer? thank you very much habib
Ask Giridharan a Question:2Benjamin2012-04-04 02:42:56
My main goal is to find a company that can an agent here in America Iam interested in organic products that have experience in this area is one of my passions. Where can I find companies that may need my services ?
Ask Giridharan a Question:1Lanc2012-03-04 20:01:07
Hello, I am a new designer looking to have my clothing line manufactured. Could you give me information on who will be able to take this job. Contact: [email protected]

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