the best high-end gifts Jilin integrated communication media

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high-end gifts, Jilin Province, Jilin in the best integrated media media integrated communications service provider can provide the next twelve aspects of media one-stop integrated communication services in the hope that we have done, you can save time, effort and money advertising media, most effective and efficient advertising in the province of Jilin, products and services your organization, quickly improve your product sales and knowledge of the mark. ***** Do not offer the media, but the best quality of service. ***** 1. Strategic consulting, planning, corporate marketing, Enterprise Strategy CI (MI, VI, BI) 2. Jilin Province Highway advertising in the media: (Long Ha Long Shen High-speed high-speed long-Kyrgyzstan), the city of Changchun, Jilin a single column of advertising media, 3. Changchun High-end media advertising community: rolling lightboxes media class community in Changchun, the Changchun City, the high-end community billboards, 4. The city of Changchun, the roof of the downtown district, the largest advertising House (central business district), 5. Changchun urban shelter advertising; (covering the main street of downtown Changchun), 6. TV advertising in the media (public television in Changchun, integrated channels, channel knowledge, channel business, entertainment channel, Jilin, TV), 7. advertising media in the press (News Culture News News, City of Night, East Asia Economic News), 8. magazine ads ("Golden PURPLE" Jilin ", Jilin Illustrated" version of the fortune of "companion"), 9. broadcast media (traffic units in Jilin, Changchun, literary voice traffic, urban sounds of Channel 106.4) 10. global solutions network marketing, 11. Changchun High-end leisure and entertainment media advertising laundry, 12. conferences, openings, product launches, promotions of new products. Our aim: integrity, development, mutual benefit, win-win, and made many friends in the world of our concept: the effect of advertisements awareness of our goal: a commitment to offer customers the most effective, more economical integrated media programs Phone: 0431 -8638519813614418685 contact QQ: 402008898 Contact: Liu Yandong Contact Email: [email protected] [em23] [em23] [em23] [em23] [ em23] [em23] [em23] [em23]
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