057185025188 is this the customer service number in A?

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Asked at 2012-03-09 05:11:03
I just received a phone call, the number is 057185025188 . I asked a few of my father at the factory sells the business relationship. I wonder just how you do not have the asset name in the paper , I asked the ability says it is the customer service here. I want to say with this number are the numbers of your business
Answer1RachelAnswered at 2012-03-09 05:11:23
Only had the customer service line at A is hot ; 0571 to 85,027,110 has sought advice from this number , ie Alibaba 057185025188 queries according to answer the phone customer service that stands the Chinese follows the line customer service hot One is: 0571-85027110 this phone is available , so they say. According to not complete count, a lot of people get to know the phone number: 0571-85025188 , and the number professing line customer service hot Alibaba reach the light of this problem, a relevant discussion his view that Baidu can tell the Internet . But if you can really know cuttinged the government responds , I suggest that marked 0571-85027110 ( customer service in A) get to know a precise answer .
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