Wireless Internet access is not easy to solve the plight of the network cable to

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Currently, 3G is hot topic seems, I heard a phone number of telecommunications, but not in popularity, I think this is just a matter of time, I hope this phone can enjoy the fun of it by the Internet access speed. He was holding a portable wireless Internet access is very X won, and now have spread to a mobile network, said wireless is a trend that is, no doubt. Speaking of 3G companies, wireless Internet, which attracted a few days ago a small sigh, alas! This month, going to catch up with the company, had a lot of things are moving, there are a lot of cable clutter! Fortunately, the team does not move, the chief said the company under the left, we will have copies of their own things Haojiu Hang, 8 bits, the company is coming and we withdraw from this kind of ambiguous relationship between the company O , so to share the property. Then talk about wireless, this new one to the times that have all company computers, laptops, desktop + all wireless Internet access, and sometimes a little shaky, but the emergency is still a problem of wood . The first day at work have an urgent task again, but only a few of the instincts of the Internet, cable companies have not had time to buy! When the IT department of the wireless N card key can be inserted on the desktop, does not know how to prepare both a personal office environment or organized chaos is not continued after the move. We compare prices, decided to buy Young-day machine, which other brands, the price is not touch. I just got inside information, the wireless card is to buy Lenovo Yang days a number of desktop delivery, and told me how a right, Khan. Disclose, Lenovo Yang days A business unit is still in the spring of advocacy, to April 12, to buy a Lenovo desktop PC series Yang day you can get a Belkin wireless card, while for send 180 additional A Belkin wireless router. Toll Free: 800 -830-6464 turn 99. Very nice, my laptop is not built into the network card, this gift can only come in handy. If a company bought the brand, save yourself with one of the most affordable. Activities to end soon, ah, do not know is that a gift. After this date, I do not know if any new promotion policy. The key is useful when the wireless network card, LZ, in fact, do not buy the cable company, and indirectly also saves money to buy a network cable.
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We compare prices , decided to buy Young- day machine, which other brands, the price is not touch.
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