Who can teach me skills under the drift? Issues driving skills

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Who can teach me skills on the track? Issues driving skills
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Drift is defined as the actual front of the point and direction of movement between the body of a large teaching angle (outside the naked eye can recognize), the drift of the three separate stages: generation, middle, end. The principle of fault generational change in the final one: the rear wheel loses most (or all) of grip, while the front wheel to maintain traction (up only a small part of the loss, it is best to get the Extra grip) when the front wheel to some extent as long as the lateral force, the car to drift, which drift occur. For the rear wheels to lose adhesion of the method: A1, on the rear wheels and the manipulation of the negative difference between the speed of the earth (the rear wheel speed is relatively low), A2, under any circumstances to the rear wheels and the difference in ground speed between the positive (rear wheel speed relatively high), A3, driving the rear wheels and the ground is reduced positive pressure. This one is sufficient, provided inside three. In fact A1, A2 are the way to reduce the coefficient of friction, to separate because of the different approaches used. Way to keep the front wheel grip: B1, driving the front wheels and the ground is not much difference in speed between, B2, driving the front wheels and the earth are to reduce the pressure too positive, the best we can increase positive pressure. The two must meet Caixing. In practice, pull the handbrake to comply with A1, B, hit the brakes to meet the A1, A3, B2, can not meet the B1, power great enough to drive after a high speed when the pedal to the metal is not likely to satisfy the A2, B. Speaking of targets, methods of drag are: C1, straight road, the driver pulled the emergency brake after the leadership of the struggle, C2, handbrake turning, C3, straight road, the driver hit the brakes after the leadership of the struggle, C4, in turn hit the brakes, C5, power rear-drive large enough (or front and rear drive distribution ratio of force tends to drive the four wheeler after) at high speed when the throttle and do not play direction. Where C3, C4 is the use of transfer (weight transfer to the front wheels on the rear wheel), the method cars less injured. C1, C2 and pull the unit only as old race car with four wheels, and can be avoided, unless you have no fear of broken car. Note that C1 and C2, C3 and C4 separately, because the movement of **** car will be very different. IMPORTANT: drift curves in the corners and in general as well as the speed limit, and the drift cornering speed limit a bit higher than in the normal curves, the curves on a hard floor leads to the limit curves speed is lower than normal! Do not learn "Initial D" in drift faster cornering myth! Because for the mountains, in the mountains of this point on the curve close work, and you can keep the engine speed to improve the speed out of corners. So run through the streets of the general loss of time only. But if you master and the flexible application of this technique, you go to places normal operation does not run backwards, because they have mastered the essentials of drive: central control vehicle movement, of course, can find no more **** drag a little faster lanes. The actual drift long distances if you want to spin the wheel, the only way is to let the speed of the wheels must be equipped with LSD, the power of the vehicles are large enough to do so. Why LSD? Because the car is derived when the inclination of the body, the outer wheels on the ground pressure, low pressure within the wheel. LSD does not appear on the inside of the wheel of the car at idle, turn the situation outside the slower drive. The wheels turn slowly and the soil friction among the great, drag cars will stop soon. The trucks are divided in, precursor, rear-drive four-wheel, no driving force of the wheel is not high idle speed. Then drive the rear wheels before slippage can not be made long distance, if the wheel (ie, the front wheel) high speed, sliding over the rear slip angle to decrease, which has no long before drift cars. Four wheel drive is clearly possible. After driving? No front wheel drive after drive, but the front wheel can be slid in the direction to put the body at an angle, so you can drive for long after the drift. Before the start of sliding distance and sliding speed, usually the more slippery the skate more slowly, finally stopped, but if space allows, control and, in theory, can be infinitely long. Because there is still some slipping wheel to accelerate the use of drag and resistance tires have also been on the ground, when the balance of these two effects, the vehicle speed will not decrease. For example, donut (standing around) is infinitely long drift in one, of course, a larger turning radius can be made infinitely long drift. The foregoing is intended to control wheel slip length method. Adjust the position of the body used in Method 1. Control the angle of the front wheels, not too big or too small, especially for rear-drive 2. Adjust the throttle, brake, so that the vehicle acceleration or deceleration of the trend must be the transfer of weight, weight transfer control out of the front or rear of the slide plus 3 more slippery. generated oversteer with the brake. Note: 2, after the unit (or after the distribution ratio of the force tends to drive the four-wheel drive) the effect of fuel is not necessarily speed, if the oil too fast, it is possible because the speed of the rear wheel is too high and reduce friction, the rear slide further. Maximum drift angle drift midpoint between the front corner of the body movement is bigger than this, if
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