Limited company of trade of Shenzhen city *** , take your goods to rush close, duty does not pay after, how to do?

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The person of the same office that asks everyone to make the content flow accounts for this company, please: limited company of trade *** Shenzhen city, is the biggest cheater of a nerve, if given to the products to be eventually one day Earthborn very incomplete, to seek to lose the responsibility of not knowing repeatedly, finally, just give yourself money. The firm closed the property of the person of the same trade to receive products different from a difficulty but a few only (ark of the famous brand of brand perfume, copy, tax, food, gelatine just want you to come share, which the market is very price goods at the bottom you will receive the result develops its products will be closed, these goods were checked everyone knows that this is the result ...... hope to everyone should be careful of this company, especially a bully deceives people, working neglecting the company that dare not pay the fees of understanding comes later this more so than I am one Their address is be in : .. ** Building the road to Fang Luo collect the lakes in the area 15 buildings Phone:. ************ 0755 -2181 0755-2546 9 0755-2569 **** 07,552,219 -8,030,755 to 2517 **** 0755-2569 **** **** 0755-2100 fax: 0755 -2569 0755-8128 **** **** **** 0755-2577 0755-2511 **** mobile phone has: 1372554 1359017 1372864 **** ************ **** 135287 1351092 1342873 1372869 ************ 1353521 1382437 **** that someone will take a lot of mobile phones, linking a different name, had an accident pulling. They now move over one direction. **** Date of building Ou **** Wenjin Shenzhen city collect lake, you can look up with many companies, I totally picked to attend a meeting to announce the hope of getting public figure. of a group of people from the same office that does not eradicate has the morality and justice, the company of other harm to self benefit, they can not be live. He is leaving the station of the damage from this place the company. still have all the time to receive money, measures will hear all the time soon comes to billing ask all of you today, by Zhen Qian been for the good and bad. How do I ask everyone to say that I would take them to do?
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This type of problem suggests that you pick up the provision of evidence expected to complain inform against the forum to complain inform against. Http :/ / or on a secure page Bacheng Ba believed to complain Http :/ / / safetycenter.html commissioner is able to be accepted .
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