Decorating the house, trying to pave wooden floor bedroom, living room and dining floor tile, installed so bad, In addition, the wood floor in good with that. related questions

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Decorating the house, trying to pave wooden floor bedroom, living room and dining floor tile, installed so bad, In addition, the wood floor in good with that.1Octavius2012-03-06 22:53:38
Is preparing to make the decor, very urgent.
Bathroom and kitchen floor tiles, bedroom wooden floor, then what can pave the living room?0swallow2012-07-03 13:34:01
Bathroom and kitchen tiles floor , wooden floor bedroom, then what can pave the living room?
May I ask, a new house to shop wood floor, because for a long time not at home, will be uneven wooden floor has space for it?1Mamie2012-05-31 10:40:20
Very anxious.
Doors, the bedroom floor, living room tile determined, how to match the foot line, thanks!1Chad2012-03-29 20:46:49
White is the bedroom door , floor of the room is dark brown to red pea balm, the living room is warm bright white tiles , how to pay for the room with the entire line on the road , which foot line , color, how do you choose ? Thank you ! Other: If the door is not white , what color is good?
Home decoration, floor, or choose a good shop rubber floor tile floor better?1 a Nan relic: I m resistance to Him. M ↖ xu 2012-03-07 19:13:14
Now renovated, the ground a lot of people are multi - tile, but I think the tile is too hard, too cold and the humidity is also heavier, luxury is not to count the cost of equipment installation by cheaper than vinyl shop ,ah ! Therefore, the tiles of the floor of the house, vinyl flooring that fits ?
I recently renovated to house shop can not afford expensive wooden floor, like tile decorated with a little better, everyone to the recommendation ah! ! ! ! Thank you1Byro2012-01-28 13:05:17
Not too expensive , better quality of Kazakhstan.
To warm the floor tile or laminate floor good good1Dark Archer 2012-02-04 04:22:00
To heat the floor or laminate floor good good
To use the living room floor decorated with the kind of good?1cob2012-02-25 19:20:34
To use the living room decorated with the type of property ?
1. Small Light house recently purchased a house in preparation for renovation room with wooden flooring, living room with ceramic tile laying, the market research to know: The1DeAr_M2011-12-23 00:01:22
1. Little Light House recently bought a house in preparation for the rehabilitation room with hardwood floors, living room with ceramic tile laying , market research , the two materials are not equal wages to lie on the ground, a little light in the lower area, bedroom and living on the filing of charges (purchase of materials and wages ) were to make a budget through the list, and X (square meters ) that establishes the area field, with and ( Yuan) , said the filing of charges , known in the budget of a small light , the placement of one square meter square meters of tiles on a wooden floor which was completed more than 5 million dollars to buy one square meter 1 square meter of ceramic tiles is to purchase the cost of wood floors 3 / 4 , then puts square meter wooden floor tiles, the salary is the dollar amount ? Shop by floor square meter of wood, tile is the number of dollars paid out? (Budget cost of laying room 135 yuan / square meter, the cost of placing the living room of 110 yuan / square meter)
Experts teach you acceptance of solid wood floor fitting room1Eudora2012-01-13 06:08:53
Experts teach the acceptance of the editing room floor hardwood
Yang Dulwich good or wood flooring wood floor1bnmvbmn 2012-03-31 00:25:02
Yang Dulwich good or wood floors wood floors
Building interior decoration, wooden floor tiles good or better?1Keeley2012-03-16 14:49:35
Professionals trouble to reply .

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