Ming-Invoicing networks with software ([color = # FF0000] free) [/ color]

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Ming- billing software networks ( [color = # FF0000 ] free) [/ color]
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Ming-billing software networks ([color = # FF0000] free) [/ color] MING Software Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Zhangzhou city, with city administration by the registered establishment, is a professional software Internet development and design firms in the industry. The company has experienced more than a group of experienced project managers and technical developers. Team has developed a variety of different industries and development of system management software, with a wealth of business experience in ERP planning. More than five years in which project managers have experience in the development and management, staff development specialist has more than two years of development experience. Company also has professional graphic, web, flash and division designed. Ming-network billing with the software (free) Features: "Ming-billing software to" manage customer information for customer management, navigation capabilities, which serve as the primary target customer for each customer provide specialized operation page, the page can be quickly sold to customers designated billing, financial billing, business analysis, statistical reports and other operations, "with billing software" Ming-suppliers and sales management mechanisms integrated management of suppliers, vendors and customers to day management of the stock sales, financial management, procurement, document management, to report the purchase of goods, the acquisition cost analysis to provide integrated solutions that allow business management of suppliers at ease "with Ming-billing software" inventory data in real time to provide the most efficient real-time inventory statistics function at any time, opened the program, provided when, immediately able to see the company's stock a wide variety of products, the state of the hold on the boat by the documentation generated automatically, without reporting system and the intuitive place, at a glance " Ming-billing management software with "financial-based repository for financial supplement to achieve integrated management, daily to great financial cost of trade transactions, to provide better statistics in place of the search functions to the clearer mission and clearly for you to display the operational condition of the company, so the clarity of financial management, and can automatically generate financial statements in order to maintain operational efficiency of the company. "Ming-billing software with" management of product information, information management product that is simple and complete, it focuses on the record of the purchase price of goods, shipping prices of different products with the to Commodities and commodity specifications of the dual identity to determine the uniqueness property of the management module of the property also provides information on filtering products quickly and through various products, product name the specifications of commodities, users want to find products "with Ming-billing software" business function of the enterprise warehouse management warehouse management very well for businesses of different goods in the management module stores the page offers independent asset management, warehouse stocks of goods of automatic statistics, and low inventories of goods for the alarm, and can be opened at any time, the printing software free hotline: 0596 -294960615006031735 website: www. Zztmrj.com Address: Nanchang Road, Zhangzhou City, a 15-story Shangri-La (through Wal-Mart)
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