Jinyang New District in Guizhou how to shop, it is worth buying?

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Jinyang New District in Guizhou how to shop , what about the future? I heard that the new , worth buying ? I wish I knew the shop license real estate and ownership certificates and other relevant documents are not, if the developer has obtained the right to sell, etc? Please answer , thanks! !
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Briefing 1, Jinyang New District . Guiyang City is located on the northwest side of downtown , near the center of Yunyan District , north of Baiyun District , Wudang District of things then. The political center of the city of Guiyang, is building a culture of New Area , is building the habitat area. Guizhou, known as Pudong. Above, two years ago, said the situation is now, due to the recognition by the general secretary , Hu Jintao , in the province seriously. Combined with a good location to build very fast. Perspectives. 2, lines A, bus 29 , on the way : the train station - Gallery - New Output - Riverside Park - views of South Gate - Great Simon - ZiLinAn - Bus Station - the first bridge - turn Tong - bridge - the City bus drivers - Bridge - Vehicle Administration - Provincial Geological Prospecting - Golden Customs steel market - tire factory - Queensway bridge - Mallard High School - Bo Yang Lin - Guiyang Putian (through China , motor City ) - duck pond - The government of the municipality of duck - Golden West bypass Center - One Jinyang road station - station road Jinyang II - Jinyang Jinyang road Avenue Three station Four station ---- Guiyang one - station Road Jinyang VI - VII Jinyang station Road - station Road Jinyang - Golden Sun Hotel - intersection of King.
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