I study in Shantou, a driving school car, but not organic test a long time, I can not wait, I can refund?

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Asked at 2012-03-05 17:39:42
I study in Shantou , a driving school car , but does not prove organic long , I can not wait , I can return ?
Answer1BradleAnswered at 2012-03-05 17:39:56
You can claim the money back, because now his name has not been reported in temporary residence permits not down, not be informed of his name, which means you are paying the money to pay the coach, not applied in Before that he did not give money to the driving school. Many coaches are tied to your car driving school, driving school fees only for management, and organize appointments and tests, others do not care. If the coach at the hands of the money to pay, you can only find a trainer, pay the money in your hands, you can learn a few cars, how long to let buckling, the normal count of fifty dollars an hour for him the rest of the money you have to pay it back. Today's society this way, you put the money to school for him, the rest of the money for you, it is reasonable, if he refuses, then you have to find someone to fight, a fight to remove potential money, the coach is a paper tiger, but also afraid of people saying their money Lianju affect. Moreover, it is the police, although 110 to the head too, but at least have a deterrent effect, the management of the administrative units of driving City Transit Authority, or you can go to the complaint, but without effect, complaints of driving school, driving instructors school will be forced to do things to soften. It is now mid-August, the application goes well, have a period of two months for the card from your current situation, to obtain permits before October is impossible, before resorting to force, the coach refused to return if it, then you will find a few more people to your site Lianju in search of him, he, obedient to the back of the money returned. I have dealt with the kinds of things, find someone to ask about the status of driving school to see instructor is not anchored, is not the money to pay up. The coach, from his point of view, the situation does not deliver the money. Driving is responsible for how people see that, then I went to train the way, people can not be too weak, or else we will refund your money.
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