” of trap of what common “ does medical treatment hairdressing have?

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" the trap of the ordinary" is the medical treatment is the salon?
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Currently, due to lack strict supervision mechanism, the market for medical treatment is relatively concerned hairdresser, good and evil intermingle in the salon of the medical team, hairdresser, things that people good and evil mixed, hairdresser character is more difficult to secure. Overall, the market for medical treatment hairdressing put in the following common problems: (1) advertising is exaggerated conduct propaganda. Orgnaization medical treatment hairdressing old write an essay about the expected "of the" belle in man-made advertising, hype conduct, divert consumers. For example, "I have autographs of the scar," "to serve", "around without pain", "" unsatisfactory termless the refund is waited a moment, say from the medical angle, conduct propaganda they all lack a scientific basis because the hairdresser medical treatment is not the common hair salon, it does have a particular risk. Advertising of medical treatment made a "small achieve scarless" no "scar", including 3 words are marked and outstanding, and "make a small scar that is" itself is a contradiction, can any operation has the scar, the scar, "The Scar" is, but the design was in the court of the operation hidden place just to compare. (2) the price is confused. The style of a price for work and one's moral quality to the industry because medical treatment is the lack accuses a beautiful unified mechanism, a lot of businessmen are a source of contention passengers, hit "War prices "greatly struck with enthusiasm on the basis that the mark sometimes a price, price competition malignant disturbed the order of the industry. For example, cut double eyelid fold together, the price is different to 1500 yuan to 200 yuan, extraordinary wide gap differ option allowing consumers to not be able, and the price too low can not be assured of character possibly hairdresser. (3) the examination before the art exists in name only. Routine examination of medical treatment that is before plastic surgery is necessary, but of the hairdressing orgnaization of a few medical treatment can save a province on the link though. If in advance of a beauty salon plastic inform customers who want the collection, examination spent a number of yuan, but now the sales promotion, the examination fee is the same to avoid the closure, which customer feel so touch expense spared, the business in a deal clinchs easily. But this kind of "checks" freely is making a gesture to give the impression of doing sth common, often can inform a client in accordance with the requirement of the operation, finally, next to the operating expenses to reoccupy spends a large amount specified high creep supplementary examination. Normal plastic hospital hairdressing convention calls on the current trip reviews the common art, all exploration expenditure is controlled at most 50 yuan, close to the hospital decides an operation according to the verification of a result if undertake. (4) do not notify the risky operation. The base began to take place May 1, 2002 "health care service hair salon works like" regulation, hold doctor of course of study before healing is Executive should see a doctor a person himself or write a family member reporting used to cure disease risk, without any disease, medical treatment and be aware what to expect, what the person get to see a doctor or signature of guardian agrees. However, because some feared salon to inform guests of risk back to leave the salon, influence income, predicted before the operation carries a risk client Lu, regulation of liability also does not let on operation on his contract. (5) hide the ability to deceive a customer. "The medical service hair salon works like" regulation, the draft of the hairdresser's advocate responsible executive medical treatment medical review must meet the following requirements at once: Did you hold a doctoral degree course of study, the classics have a doctor, of course, the mechanism study reports, have performed work, of course, relevant clinical experience. Among them, the relevant clinical and professional work, such as surgery of the executive responsible is experienced hairdressers, the groom through major medical treatment or attending a hair salon in advanced studies eligible or who was engaged in medical treatment Styling of clinical work over 1 year. But partial, beauty salon does not produce proof of medical fitness for the client, the doctor, "" there, often have neither aptitude tests, hide the truth to come to make the client against. (6) is managing the project exceed the range. "The medical service hair salon works like" specific provision, it always starts the orgnaization of medical treatment to local sanitation hairdresser is in charge of a branch to issue "medical establishment, of course, have a study leave" and is the suspension should just inside Inn show. Wait different medical hairdressing orgnaization place of outpatient medical center hairdressing hairdressing, medicine, the basic rule you get to keep the regulation limits the course of study. The surgery within the proposed hairdressing orgnaization of each drug hairdresser can examine and approve in front of the Ministry of Health only, not to exceed the limits of handling. But today orgnaization of hairdressing in the market for a drug only has a few "Business Charter", not "medical establishment, of course, have a study leave." Although some medical orgnaization hairdresser was obtained "medical establishment, of course, have a study leave", but launch an operation in the examination of the scope of the proposed salon though. Will address the above circumstances, consumption can avoid the trap to the passage of medical treatment hairdressing of the following simultaneously: (1) conduct staff check the course of study for medical treatment hairdressing. Consumers should ask to examine the aptitude test of medical care before the hairdressing art. The medical doctor waits hairdressing course of study must have three cards, namely "medical qualification card," "medical card holders in the industry", "medical treatment hairdressing champion card of qualifying medical examination of profession. " (2) undertake a review of the medical treatment hairdressing orgnaization. Get "medical establishment, of course, have a study leave" is the standard basiccest that deals in medical treatment service hair salon, consumers should consider this if you get hairdressing orgnaization, especially before having surgery hairstyle plastic "medical establishment are pending license" Be pair of hairdressing plastic projects next examine if the project comprising hairdressing salon this orgnaization to undertake review and approve limits in. (3) "borrows the I had believed that the quality of 3 "choice. In the current market for medical treatment hairdressing completely still immature, the price is more confusing, the broadcast advertising to highlight phonily phenomenon should be in the decision to roll forward after understanding the appearance and condition real strength of orgnaization of much home hairdressing, equipment, the right price. (4) of each operation takes 3 ~ the risk of complications of 10, exploitation project is higher, the operating rate is higher risk, so be prepared for psychology and sufficient before the operation, that each doctor communicates, not blind and acting.
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