SATA hard drives individuals to buy good or better IDE hard disk related questions

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SATA hard drives individuals to buy good or better IDE hard disk1Georgina2012-03-04 22:54:33
Problem of Sata hard disk1nadha2012-07-05 00:53:02
What I use is the SATA hard drive , is the new machine , why can not have this icon in the task column (mixes the appearance and the inclusion of USB devices , put the mouse to the security icon hardware clears hint ), ie , how is this to return a responsibility? It may be that you have met ? The hard drive is SATA, such?
Why sata hard disk volume sizes?1Dun2012-04-10 04:35:04
SATA hard disk found my colleagues that my small size, the volume of the different parameters of SATA hard disk performance and what is the difference?
Ask for advice: The +250 G hard disk mobile hard disk box, how to partition a laptop?1Tina2012-03-13 01:20:32
I use the old book, PII550 , the OS is Win2K , USB 1.0 interface is the use of mobile hard drive enclosure ( USB interface ) 250 G hard drive space to expand on how to partition a laptop? What software? Steps How? Need help, thank you very much
The entire hard disk with GHOST (60G) copy to another hard disk (80G), so can it work? Or must be as big?1ABIGAIL 2012-05-22 18:41:21
The entire hard drive with Ghost ( 60G ) copy to another hard disk (80 GB ), so it can work ? Or should it be so big?
Associate this, have two hard disk, think hard disk backup.1partridge2011-12-30 23:14:13
Associate this, you have two hard drives that backup hard drive. Those who choose the same size, if it can come true , no matter how hard you can work normally. Point not to change the setting to the BIOS.
Is what hard disk chooses 160G now still of 80 good?1Montagu2011-12-30 19:15:54
It's what you choose 160g hard drive now still a good 80?
Scan for viruses on your computer hard drive often will damage it? Because every time I look at the computer scan the hard disk are working non-stop, same as now with BT1Calvin2012-03-15 03:52:24
Scanning for viruses on your computer hard drive often gets damaged? Because every time I look in the computer hard drive scan are working around the clock , as now with BT
Restore data of mirror of hard disk overall to ambulate for 2 highest for 3 hundreds of good hours, how to do?0sefako2012-07-05 03:27:05
When given a problem ? 2 hard drives are reasons
Does Gamestop Wipe Hard drives?1malik jackson2012-09-15 02:23:04
I think they forgot to clean my hardrive before I changed to GameStop . Got my mind on my new xbox will be able to do anything (credit card wise )
Trading laptops and swapping hard drives?0yelena2012-06-29 19:05:02
I am negotiating with my laptop friend tomorrow . Do not ask why . Anyway I have a lot of things on my hard drive and want to keep . We both have Windows 7 on it , but the mines of a toshiba , and his is a compaq . If I can swap hard drives still work properly? Please help !
How to know hard disk damages? When my computer switchs on the mobile phone, always ring, not be the reason of fan, chance of the reopen after dump is good1Bolton2012-02-08 05:47:59
How to know hard disk damage ? When my computer switchs on the mobile phone always ring may not be the reason for the fan , the possibility to reopen after the download is good

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