How to start on the students?

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I can do what students should pay attention to business ( professional team) ? If the individual chooses or with a partner ? In addition , college students are now beginning the policy? How to enjoy more preferential policies ?
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Entrepreneurship is based on the different circumstances of each individual game . If individuals have the capacity and economic strength that can be a business owner, if the economy is not strong, you can find a partner. But I give you a suggestion , I graduated from 22, 25, . I ran the business after graduation to find work, and vocational school does not matter. But I learned a lot of things run business , the capacity has been increased (to run the business more capable of exercising a person). You must learn to take money from others to develop their own skills , to learn more and meet people over 40 years of age , have a strong social experience , can understand the difficulties of young people. Learn from them . When you have an ability to adapt to society after returning some do it yourself. I was very familiar with the operation of the business process when the (one and a half later ), I 'm going to do , and I just got out of the economic strength , I bring a company from the original point of the character of the older people who point to the calm, investment, when their projects which they earn a basic working capital only after thinking about how. But no matter what you do, even if done with others before myself, and properly handle the relationship between partners, not as scattered and happy, so there is no meaning , and insist on managing the relationship with each individual , especially in doing business is more important , people can not be too honest, but people must learn to be honest! Based on the good things in more money. I wish the same success with the development of our cause!
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