Several times within the wall paint brush foundation fight?

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Asked at 2012-03-04 05:02:14
That are 2 times the workers directly foundation brush , methods, right? Friends to help, please tell ah .... ! Thank you .. hurry. !
Answer1Michelle A Answered at 2012-03-04 05:02:20
Decorating company in general the special requirements if it does , only scratch twice because twice the normal wall leveling is enough. Three times to scrape the following: 1, the base of the wall is not good. It is unequal because the original structure , the developer and approved in the original wall plaster to scrape a layer of sand in this layer on top of the normal putty knife , you can not see out. If you do not eradicate this plaster wall and upper surface of the dark waiting for you, drop it. Situation like this , we must first blade at the bottom completely, and then limit the back cover of the wall, and then leveling the putty. If too thick to clean the first cement putty dry and approved. 2, the wall is very uneven. Scaling and putty usually three times the original , properly dispose of the bottom, and then imprison the wall. If the original wall is not destroyed with the first coat of paint on the brush, is the infiltration of primer , the original wall and understanding after scraping the putty to full speed into the wall.
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