Guide 2 Passing important to study hard.

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Exam Dumps trading strategies, etc. This one again is the favorite topic of Quant-oriented folks. There are various formulas here; however, you need to first get through the necessary foundations. Also, make sure to practice these questions using your CFA calculator. Alternative Investments – 5-10% Expect 1-2 vignettes during your CFA level 2 exam. The important topics include Real Estate Investments, Private Equity Valuations, Commodities, and Commodity Derivatives. This topic is more conceptual with some numerical. Please do not neglect this section as it may become a deal-breaker. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 10-15% Expect 1-2 vignettes from Portfolio and Wealth management. This one can be very easy or difficult at the same time. Do Guide 2 Passing  you read the topics very carefully? It includes Portfolio Management, Investment Policy Statements, Multifactor Models, VAR, Economic Analysis, Active Management, and Trading. Make some time learning the Investment Policy Statements as this is the right foundation of the most important topic found in CFA Level 3. CFA Level 2 Pass Rates It is important to study hard. 

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