Faced with this price, how can I win the order?

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swamp donkey
Asked at 2012-03-03 22:27:20
I'm in sales of security products. A few days ago a client asked me for a smoke detector, the number is not large, several hundred. I gave him an appointment is 40 yuan or joint tax. Would have been working with the client chat, chat, as well as product and labor, maybe talk a little. sense of a conversation is quite speculative. The customer is also more sure of my ability. say we will cooperate successfully. At that point I think it is, and better customer relations, at least give priority for us. and our quality products, service, both are relatively good. But one thing is the price of a media type - it. So I have great confidence when you can get to, but also the long-term cooperation. We have been talking today with this client, I was more informed than they need to smoke the approximate time and the specific number. and the client to talk more, so I'll ask directly to several problems. I finally did meet, this order is ultimately responsible for the acquisition of the client, my client is entitled to decide this, but he did not want to let people gossip, so he delivered only to provide information and let them handle it. and my clients tell me that a company was informed that the price is 25 yuan / set 0.40 yuan / season games and 25 yuan / the relative proportion. is actually a bit worried, but still maintain that there is hope. because the quality of our products the best the family. But soon, my clients told me that your company can benefit as the first choice of leading suppliers for prices and procedures for product certification. really feel powerless against this price, what can I overcome? and other prices are our reserve price or less. price war ah, ah what a helpless! (Only for business before the lack of long experience, a lot of advice please help me to win this game. Because the customer the order is small, but in the long run, is a very good customer. Thanks so.)
Answer1OscaAnswered at 2012-03-03 22:56:47
You can put product quality and after-sales service compared to its rivals. Highlight your strengths. (If the difference is not very far from the product, as consumers , will use the most favorable price ah. ) If the other party or use that company. That there is no way out. Some people buy designer clothes, the street was also to buy goods. . . Also be used . . . The total bar can not be with them recklessly. . . Run in a price war is. Very good company and your products have that "third" factory price yet. . .
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