Dedicated to students just admitted to the University

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Dedicated to students newly admitted to the University
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Dedicated to only college students admitted to the University of essential items, dedicated to the students admitted to college tired Yes, may be incomplete, I hope to add! First, the life of essential supplies (purchase) 1. Sink two (washing face, and then can be used with a foot bath or wash clothes) 2. Brushing cup water 3 cups. Toothbrush and toothpaste (toothpaste type of recommendations the family pack) 4. towels (one side, there is a shampoo used at home without the fabric) 5. box of soap (laundry), and soap (with a lid is recommended) of detergent 6. shampoo and conditioner 7. shower gel 8. (Coils of electrical, insecurity traditional) 9. bedding (mattresses, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, sheets) 10. toilet paper 11. paper towels (box and a bag, put in the bedroom of the boxes, a bag can be) 12. lamp (you can buy a rechargeable type) 13. bowls and chopsticks, spoons 14. slippers (out a pair, a pair of bath) 15. out using the shoes 16. racks (one is a kind of drying pants with belt clip for multi-purpose aircraft underwear that can be dried and pants and skirts, one is drying, shirts and shirts, as well as drying clothes can also be used to hang clothes outside, plus the kind of pants with a special hanging rack pants that can hang pants and skirts) 17. sticky hooks for hanging bags and rags) 18. clock 19. Hair dryer (hair blowing in the wind that blows the socks trousers clothes can be very useful) 20. cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and other products for skin care 21. detergent (used for washing dishes and fruit) 22. commonly used drugs: Huoxiangzhengqi capsules, cold medicine, pain relievers, eye drops, Band-Aid, gastrointestinal medicine 23. Load the box 24. Kit seam 25. pajamas, socks, underwear and laundry 26. mirrors and combs hair tied at 27. Clippers 28. Scissors, glue, double sided adhesive, clear plastic (for redundancy) 29. 30 insecticide. 31 umbrella. Battery 32. Torch 33. Hand 34. sponge or loofah (washing dishes, enamel sink and cups, very useful) 35. eyedrops (sterilization and reduce fatigue) 36. towels, bath balls, shower cap 37. 38 rag. carpet cleaning cloth 39. rubber band (used to not eat the snack bar, etc.) or a clip is also line 40. sealed plastic box 41. coffee, black tea, green tea and other drinks and coffee with the spoon 42. Paicha 43. block 44. plastic cord 45. hand sanitizer 46. nails (bag sash head) 47. newspapers and Notepad 48. clip clip networks (nets do not usually have time to put the folder above, looks clean and point) 49. lipstick women, etc. 50. fruit knife 51. toilet water, essential balm oil, or something cool 52. Belt pads 53 (only for girls) Second, the digital class (accompanied by parents or older to purchase gift) 1. computer (see the economic strength, which is the best laptop) 2. phone (charger, spare battery) 3.MP3 (with FM radio function, listening to the radio and mobile phones can also be combined) 4. digital camera (see the strength, if not special interests, and cell phones can be combined) 5. Digital photo frame (preferably with built-in display and video playback function MINI, usually with a Samsung digital photo frame, a machine, plus the photos that you can put a movie in bed for the night, eh, eh) Thirdly, school supplies for their (purchase) 1. Stylus pen and pencil (to the bedroom), (make) 2. or 3 clips clip clip book. folder 4. English (Wenquxing) 5. Note that, N, Post 6. double-sided tape, clear plastic 7. some of my favorite books 8. correction fluid, paper tape or something 9. package (the class took to the streets ......) 10. notebooks and exercise books, and what projects 11.2B pencil, eraser, ruler 12. marker (The Key) IV. Type of document (make your own) 1 ID card (copy) 2 and members of the mission permits, and other documents the relationship between image ticket information 3 4 5 6 students credentials file transfer notification of admission July 8 photographs (see What are the specifications required by the school band) # # # # 2441 of the University of the essential elements of life
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