[Sell] sell all kinds of garment processing equipment at higher prices related questions

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[Sell] sell all kinds of garment processing equipment at higher prices1Helen2012-03-03 06:45:08
[ Sell] sell all kinds of processing equipment clothing at higher prices
Tile processing machinery and equipment which works with the good, mainly processing quality, the failure rate and accessories prices?0liliy2012-07-09 17:39:01
If any one want to sell YIJIA garment hanger system contact me.1Agnes2012-05-21 02:02:55
If someone wants to sell clothing Yijia suspension system to contact me.
Will sell all kinds of Wuhan, where storage box ah? _ Rights complaints0nojo2012-07-27 06:38:02
Will sell all kinds of Wuhan, where storage box ah?
Activated carbon top raw materials for sale and processing To sell to buy0CLMnb2021-03-26 20:37:54
Principle of activated carbon adsorption [activated carbon is a kind of very small granular has a large surface area, and more tiny holes in the granular - capillary. The capillary has very strong adsorption capacity, due to the granular surface area is large, so a good contact with with gas (impurities). When these gases (impurities) encounter capillary by adsorption, purification effect. Activated carbon surface area of the study is very important, only the BET specific surface area detecting data of active carbon method detected result is reliable, domestic at present there are many instruments can only make direct comparison method of detection, The results show that the combined use of coke and activated carbon in the gas system can completely achieve the purpose of removing benzene, naphthalene and ash.coconut shell based activated carbon  According to the above research results, a coke filter was designed. The application of the equipment solved the problems that the feedstock gas compressor in the urea blackening unit could not run for a long period due to the vibration caused by the scaling of the rotor, the blockage of the flow channel and the problems that the naphthalene formation in the heat exchanger affected the heat transfer effect. www.yrdactivatedcarbon.com 
Is there those who sell pneumatics machine equipment in Shenzhen?0Norm2012-07-07 18:02:02
Are there those who sell the machine pneumatic equipment in Shenzhen?
who can sell me silicone bracelet manufacturing equipment?1 가변명사 2012-05-02 01:37:30
Who can sell me silicone bracelet manufacturing equipment?
In the newly opened computer monitoring equipment to sell in town (installed) How ah?0thao2012-08-07 16:03:03
I would like to open our new computer to do business in the city, but basically has no experience , I wanted to do that supplies computer accessories can be friends that the benefit is very low , it is best to follow up (installed ), many companies have installed cameras in the head, and some families have been installed. Just do not know how about this line? do ? me? or how to do this ?
[Help] garment processing1[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-04-14 19:22:37
[ Help] garment processing
Garment processing company1i hate catherine 2012-05-27 19:01:07
Processing company clothing
Is there any locations in the Los Angeles Shopping Districts that sell Disney Trading Pins for good prices?0Mia2012-07-24 13:39:02
My boyfriend and I are South East Los Angeles and recently became interested in trading pin. It was at this place in the City of Industry, but it's like an hour away so it will not go that far. I have not gone to the district for anything but clothes . Do you sell these pins or where I can get in any area around here?
Value a money recently but sell the home to be not accepted examine kinds or types of goods on the spot, and be new note hill before long date, asking how goods of prepaid deposit reappearance looks excuse me is cheater1Loui2012-03-04 19:02:02
Value of money recently , but selling the house will not be accepted for review the classes or types of products on site, and be the new note hill long before now, wondering how the assets of the prepaid return of deposit seems to excuse I is unfaithful

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