Footwear English - Cutting

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Cutting unit sole outsole as the average number of lower abdominal tining stuffed leather heel pad heel pad of paper hearts spring board deck board eather imitation imitation leather board shank cutting leather leather leather cutting dies cutting mat paper cut corduroy cloth canvas material platform canvas corduroy suede anti- PU poly urethane nylon linen garments , knitted fabric available Teli terry cloth silk cloth surface of the foam foam nonwoven non-woven flannel flannel foam rubber Mao Xuan Pange boa long hair in Bristol was added to support rolling flame temperature in the bottom mirror putent skin template calf leather calfskin pigskin suede , leather suede pigskin leather soft leather embossed leather wear long Picalon Pique embossed leather leather shoes with open toe , shoes open toe open the back after opening after closure after closure of the mouth is closed shoes back , upper handle of the upper jaw front of the shoe laces tongue tongue tongue ring back and fourth whisker loading the language of the counter external cooperation in the chip package chip inside neck against neck of the bag decorated with an ornament flow axis of the shoe heel of the boot on the underside of the sole heel of the shoe cover binding foreskin cut line oral top tie against the mouth of the neck sleeve
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