Open net store now, what product to make or it is good that the industry has the market make money?

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My contact cleaner treasure have much time , do not use this platform all the time, the feeling is one type of waste , we also see people at the same time , net inn make the race itself , is admirable, this the needs will, after all. But , I myself have no supply of goods, you need to find , I now propose to use this platform also held , however , not understand the market trend on the net how well that has not been done before, not clear a copy kept as a record of the market. Do that now, after a product or profession compares well to proceed with , are in demand in the market much more, ACE friend 's inn hope network can instruct detailed instructions , special recognition !
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Hello! The person opening the store network is now growing tide take you to also lead to the tide, wants to be cleaned in a bucket of gold network. But the older person does not hold, the reason is very simple, lose confidence! Competition is very intense indeed, too brutal, they want to make money, which sells the commodity is fast, especially, have to honor is high, we want to have plenty of proof next meeting of The Book of Changes. Can not move a step otherwise. Not being familiar with the market level, they do not understand each business relationship. Delivery of goods often makes a rookie sell headaching hometown problem, believing a bunch of rookies sell the house to do the work in the initial stage poineering to find a supply of goods point enough, on the safe side blocks and platform of the lesion showed the head, and the constant encounter is deceived by all kinds of killing as the original place simulation, the simulation platform, broke the gold has no hope of ever since. If you go back because of this, so you brush your shoulder very likely that with good luck and move on. In one day is bitten by a snake, each person working poineering not expect to find what he fears and string of 10 years. Do major objective of the fund, need products in stock. If it was of use to deliver goods, we can not see in-kind, most likely because the quality of commodities, may lead to the rate and achieve commercial dispute. If you are a beginner, not very clear yet the flow of trade, it is impossible not to meet just a few unnecessary losses. Create shop is being spent without any form of credit and expand the store step by step under the circumstances of the experience when you get up very difficult, no matter what the store opens, the need for proper credit pass the ability of others is rather the product that dare to purchase, otherwise credit that people see you spent so low, connect the product directly to over look, they never mention that a purchase of the family. So I can tell, the net credit of the inn is spent, even if you measure the index of selling at a profit, that's why everyone else should shut Inn net a few days a letter a few sincere and not violate the Store bars, brush and credit as a result of iniquity between this store and sealed most expect, the better choice now makes products fictitious first to know, namely settle the phone bill and so on blocking business QQ. Can you earn respect, not only, and you can still make money. After waiting for us to have a certain credit base, turning to go to the business goal of all right again, others may still believe such? But do not be afraid to make big money is the major small business out of reach mature immature. Choose to do business before shop created fictitious, it is advisable to lift. Promote the rapid credit on the one hand, on the contrary can do a better industry trade and general household electronics, enter a fast part, to avoid being scammed. Because this is not necessary, re-invest a lot, for example, you are familiar with the trade flow process, ie, getting credit, gain money, which you're new? Fictitious win no money? Can we say with certainty to make money at all, the idiocy of unprofitable businesses not to do! But the key yet to see a person, you think you're going, I think it is good that there are good of course! I am mischievous is right that this is done with the money treasure gain, you are well also win! Easily exceeds particular market to popularize the plan to deduct a percentage of a sum of money to be as follows: promotion agential can enjoy the system of deducting a percentage of a sum less than the representative of the class 3 . 65% has two kinds of software agents to sell 9% has three kinds of agents to sell software explanations of 6% leading to a class of agents to sell the software: The customer who have already developed themselves directly it is an agent of its class, 2 class of agents is the client of an agent class develops. With this analogy the client that the 3 is the development of the class of agents of the agent class 2. The contact details QQ 403604273
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