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New home renovation company looking for a home decoration and design quite satisfied, but the recommended products a bit.1memFISTO 2012-10-01 05:43:02
The floor had wanted to use nature , but the choice is what the decoration companies to recommend an encouraging sign that the budget can save a lot , and he says the very good quality! You can buy very cheap to live a good thing?
Knowledge of home decoration home wiring1Olivia2012-02-12 23:25:22
Knowledge of wiring home home decor
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home0kisu2012-06-27 16:36:01
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home
New home decoration1Noel2012-03-02 21:58:29
124 square meters of new houses need renovation , but in this sense I have no idea what I had planned with 6 million renovation , including the main material (ie , floor tiles and kitchen appliances , lamps not included) , expect all friends to help make a detailed budget (I'm in Shenzhen, with a floor plan ): 1. slabs: Please detail all friends living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom tiles needed brand , type and size, and indicate the required amount, the amount and labor costs . 2 . Hydropower facility : Please elaborate on the necessary wiring and brands , types of switches (referring to the thickness of the cable, the power, change the current value) , the dosage and the amount and cost of labor. 3 . Furniture: Ministry for purchase of ready-made furniture is on the outside, or in space to the structure of the house, or made by the building structure on the outside , please help explain the advantages and disadvantages of these three profitable. 4 . Painting : What place is very good wallpaper , or paint brush is good, ask a friend to help explain both the cost and the advantages and disadvantages. Dear friends, please be detailed in accordance with the content of the answer to my questions , temporarily to 100 points if you answer Yes, I can add 200 points. Thank you.
Home Decoration1rashawn2012-08-14 12:16:05
What we sell? Gates, Doors, Staircases, Fences and Balustrades, steel furniture
Sorry about my home decoration1Caesa2012-04-15 21:19:54
Sorry for my home decor
Home decoration with color1Howa2012-03-28 23:30:29
To get married , buy second hand property before, the interior decoration quite new, so now is the transformation of a simple look , but the color above is really a headache , do not know how to dress , please help help me out of ideas now! Now living room style : Sanshiliangting the size structure , the floor is walnut in color, including television cabinets , tables , doors, furniture, library, bedroom cabinets are the same color as the living room : TV backdrop background is blue, grass green carpet to buy , coffee table style because I like simple wooden table in the first purchase, but also a walnut color, and do not know what color the couch with a good one? What color of the curtains of the room? Bedroom : bed, nightstand , wardrobe purchased a white maple , light green soft packet header selected, then what color curtains to buy? Carpet him? ( Locker room is a good time to play, embedded in the side wall, the sliding door is also a walnut color ) other , study, second bedroom does not want to change the
Chengdu, home decoration1aditya2012-09-03 21:13:02
I ask you: Chengdu, decoration company, that company reputation is better! House keys that hand, and on the decoration company do not understand, hope gets advice of experienced friends.
I want to know the steps in home decoration?1cant tell2012-08-09 07:31:42
82 square meters of the house, our new house , 4 people to live, my parents a house, my grandmother a house , I have a home but do not know the decoration of the steps, I do not know where to start, do not know where to start and began to thank you for help to help him,Oh , our range of Health of the House.
Home decoration colors1goat2012-05-14 02:44:46
Do you want to color the floor of my woodworking shop, the door a little beige, and I do not know what color wall brush
The dangers of home decoration pollution What?1m1ng / 陌㈤2012-02-25 23:18:57
The dangers of contamination of home decor What?
How many home decoration company in Changchun1Nerd1012012-08-10 16:09:02
I thought to open the decoration company in Changchun , the prospects do not know how , not competition , and now decorating industry to what extent, there are no sources of the company 's business decor?

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