Garment factory workers how to calculate the piece rate

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Garment workers at the factory how to calculate the price per piece
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Work in general, the wages of working hours is the baseline. The price per piece is inseparable from the wages of each process. The determination of working hours has its rules, can be detailed as follows: First, when a clothing line soon, the test procedure when officers should check the table and clothes one by one, so that the clothes in this section, an overview of labor; check the most obvious problems are found to be modified must be done immediately (such as the processes were not standardized, non-standard order, etc.) Second, to the accuracy of the measured time, in general, and other clothes on the line when measured after three days (number of orders for relatively few cases may be the first day of testing, but others must be checked), there are three sizes of clothing , the average time should be measured. If six dimensions are divided into intermediate section of the measured size (eg, children of the series: 90cm, 95cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 95cm, and measured 120cm) Thirdly, when the measurement process must pay attention to the problem: 1, insofar as the person must stand away from the measuring line of sight is not blocked, but the place, which is not to test those who feel their time in the test, the test work were very natural, 2, measurement of the process, when the start time: those who pick up the pieces of the operation - sewing - semi-finished until the middle does not include the break, break time chat, and to test three are based even in time (be careful not subject to the number of pieces, the number must be subject, as the 2 front pieces = 1 copies). 3, measured by the time the action should pay attention to whether the test specification, the quality of the way, if non-standard action proposed to be amended immediately, Please note that actions can not be measured by non-standard time; 4, you must pay attention when measuring the quality of sewing garments to see how (for example, if the needle of the requirements of the repair line is the repair line, the way the needle is not straight, very wrinkled or too straight lace, etc.) and the registration form on the measurement of time, and if they are serious quality problems should be brought immediately to the supervisor; 5, when measured during the non-standard processes must be done to correct, unnecessary procedures should be eliminated, the combined process should be consolidated, 6, pull the cord measurement method: if the total length lace dress, lace, and then the actual length of time conversion measurement; 7, when stitched seams and repair if the line is cut apart to make, measurement time should be divided into 2 parts together, ie, reducing the time to sew + the time specified in the notes on time pruning. For example, sewing line of the flat and the car repair completed before the entry cut, etc., 8, when the test to find the time to do the same two very different processes and to identify causes and propose an improved approach, 9, sewn by Pianman speed, poor quality of action, does not regulate all except for his time, directly, should be amended to give online, 10, who tested the quality of quality measurement should be recorded in the table of time.
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