Refining flux drying mixing production process

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Aluminum refining flux production method

The production methods of refining fluxes are divided according to the development process and characteristics: fusion, dry mixing, and comprehensive mixing.

The refining flux melts the high-melting inorganic salt according to the low eutectic point ratio, performs high-temperature dehydration, melting, and processing to produce a low-melting-point mixed inorganic salt, which is ground into a powder after cooling and crushing.

The refining flux drying and mixing method will require the inorganic salt to be fully dried and dehydrated, and will be based on the distribution ratio of the molten salt eutectic point, and will be added into the components that are conducive to dehydrogenation and de-slagging. The method is simple to produce, but the quality of the produced refining flux is not high. Commonly used raw materials such as sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and so on.

Refining flux drying mixing production process: drying - ingredients - mixing - packaging - products.

Aluminum refining flux production method

AdTech specializes in R&D, production, and sales of aluminum refining flux for the degassing of molten metal during the aluminum alloy casting process and the refining flux for slag discharge. This refining flux uses proprietary technology to enhance the liquid metal. The effect of traditional degassing and slag removal is used in the casting and rolling process of multi-series aluminum alloy products: Micron-sized aluminum foil wool, printing PS base, can-making materials, flexible packaging materials, rail transportation, aerospace products, cables Degassing and slag purity purification of molten metal during the casting of aluminum alloy raw materials such as wires ; 


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