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Players have been looking forward to the release of new expansions, and GGG recently announced that Path of Exile's latest expansion, Sentinel, will reveal details to players on May 5. While I'd like to know more about the new expansion, I'll have to wait a while. Path of Exile: Sentinel will be available for PC on May 13 and consoles on May 18.

Grinding Gear Games recently announced Path of Exile's next expansion called Sentinel. They also released a short trailer, and the main league mechanic is the autonomous companions that accompany players into battle. I can look forward to some interesting content Sentinel will bring us with POE Currency.

This has actually become my habit, before every new expansion, I will go to POECurrency to buy some POE Currency. This is the only seller I trust because their trading environment is very safe. The most important thing is that I became a VIP member at POECurrency and I can enjoy up to 5% discount. I can also get some game news there. POECurrency is really professional! 

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