[Discuss] printing water reuse technology

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[ Discuss] printing technology water reuse
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[Discuss] printing and dyeing industry, water reuse technology is one of the pillar industries in Quanzhou, in the dyeing of cotton products and chemical fiber midrange products, the production process generates a large number of cooking alkaline wastewater mercerized high alkalinity (pH Overall, the 14 or so), while producing a large number of rich in organic matter and dye rinse water. , The current increase in the cost of industrial water to 2.5 yuan / ton, and can not guarantee the amount of wastewater reuse tremendous pressure. Quanzhou is basically two types of printing and dyeing wastewater mixed with water, the water discharged in the overall wastewater treatment through the basin - sulfuric acid - anaerobic - aerobic - Coagulation - treatment sand filtration prior to discharge. The use of technology problem is: 1. In the present process and product sodium acid in the waste water in a large number of high saline water call, converting again the same as the desalination of sea water with difficulty, if only the use of carbon treatment activated chlorine + The traditional process, only a portion of the wash water, using the premise must also be mixed with about half the water. 2. A large number of bases that is wasted. 30 million tons of wastewater, high-alkali mercerization alkali waste water boil about 3 million tonnes, corresponding to 500 tonnes worth 100 million base is wasted, the current high alkaline wastewater is impotent and can only be mixed emission of a medium size manufacturers, the daily need not be recycled 1.5 tons of base; At the same time high alkaline water for rinsing in a large number of metal ions, so that the water Rinse recycling more difficult. 3. High salt content of drainage water discharge can not be used for agricultural irrigation. Therefore, the water reuse technology, printing and dyeing premise, waste water must be high alkaline and rinse the effective separation of waste water should be developed to achieve this purpose a series of wastewater reuse line agents Telephone 13489500191
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