Fat people fat people clothes with clothes can also wear clothing to the United States

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Fat people clothes people 's clothes fat can also wear clothing to the United States
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Fat people fat people wear clothes to the obese can be difficult to wear with the United States, the fat woman more difficult. Looking at other people dressed luxuriously dressed, elegant, colorful, as if they are lost with the fat woman. Select the range of clothing for very little fat people, opening up the market's clothing store fat people even less. So how fat people have a good mix of clothes that look good can be done? Clothing fat people with the main points: First, the mask used, in fact, a number of shortcomings of all, girls are not fat, but some parts are a bit more fat, such as the arm, waist , legs and quite thick, even a simple modification of these problems. The method can divert our attention, wear light colors to use some small accessories such as small scarf, the fall in the chest or body exaggerated penchant for place, in order to cover the overall effect of the local shortages of both women claim with style and good taste. Second, there was no way been color coordinated master once said, in fact, the most important dress of women of color, texture and color as the clothes, the style, to better reflect women. However, if the color of dirty clothes, contrast, large, the effect of using color-coordinated clothes that look fat. So fat women who take the color of their clothes with some ideas, try using the same color of clothing, practical methods, such as the use of different shades of blue, gray shirt, pink combined with skirts or pants, laboratory will be a great effect. Note that the color contrast must be small, but it is best to bring the percentage of fiber top and bottom, so do not look swollen. Third, the method of deep level fat girls to wear, will be the light for indoor use, while darkness is proposed not only the whole town looks alive, and the body will look very thin. Through methods such as the practical use of the white dress, black cardigan jacket, and black, dark green, purple are good colors. But you should not use the light outside, wear dark inside, so people do not seem to be several pounds of fat are added to the feeling, but also looked very rustic. Fourth summer clothes, obese people have to pay attention to in the summer, the season is so hard, fat people can be both fresh and fit with your own clothes? First, the color should be dark, because of the sensitivity of the vision of our eyes to the dark lower, so wear dark clothes and help "fine cut", but a hot day indeed if the clothes absorb heat and wear dark Oh. Second, when we choose to wear T-shirts V-neck, so that seems to have the neck, Oh, this is only my personal suggestions for reference purposes only! Fifth, to choose according to their clothes whiter skin color, like this brilliant people can choose the type of clothes to match the necklace cute peach in the neck is usually best to select those if you like collar around the neck bigger, so they can cover up living in a large face, pants baggy pants can choose or select skirts, pants and sometimes some of the best way you can wear tight pants, but very fat is more appropriate to wear loose, so do not feel so sensual! Fat people must overcome their own psychological Caixing fat, or what to wear on your body or do not feel safe, in fact, the heart of each person is his own block can be carved jade! Fat people are people too, as long as the United States to achieve the same effect can be obtained.
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