What Happens if You Don't Let Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Air Out?

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Memory foam pillows are made of synthetic materials that release gas when they are brand new. This off-gassing process continues for a day or two, and then the odor dissipates completely. To ensure that your shredded memory foam pillow can air out and lose the entire chemical odor, you should leave it in the sun for at least a day. Further, you can deodorize the pillow with baking soda to remove smell of your old memory foam pillows.

So let the air gets out keeping your shredded memory foam pillow odorless.

How to wash a memory foam pillow?

Pillows accumulate a lot of dirt and other things over time which can affect sleep quality and overall health. Keeping your pillows clean will help with the quality of sleep.

Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and can resist dust mites and bacteria. Memory foam is a good choice for all types of sleepers because it conforms to the shape of the head and relieves pressure on the surface of the user's head.

Skin cells, sweat, and even tears from your nose are trapped between th e layers of memory foam. Memory foam pillows should be washed on a regular basis to keep it smelling fresh and preventing it from getting dirty or spot stained. Wash your memory foam pillow without destroying its quality and create the perfect pillow for sleeping.

How to deodorize a memory foam pillow

1. Almost all the care instructions are listed inside the pillow’s packaging. Be sure to follow them when cleaning your pillows!

2. Put a small amount of baking soda on one side of the pillow and let sit for 1-2 hours in a sunny spot.

3. Vaccum the surface of the pillow and remove the baking soda.

4. Flip the pillow and repeat steps 1-3 on the reverse side.

Keep the pillowcase and the protective pillow cover (if the cover is removable) clean by washing it on the fabric cycle with cold or warm water in your washing machine.

Sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the memory foam pillow 2 packpillows and let it sit in sunlight for a few hours. Vacuum up the powder and keep the memory foam clean from now on. Turn the pillow over and repeat this process on the other side.

How to do spot cleaning of a memory foam pillow

• Remove a stain from an item by blotting it with a dry cloth or paper towel, using lifting motions.

• Use a gentle detergent and lukewarm water together. Avoid using hot water.

• Gently rub the stain outward from the outside to the center with a clean cloth.

• Remove excess water and soap residue.

Remove the stains by removing the pillowcase and any protective cover. Do not use dark colors while you're stepping on or over a stain as it could cause bleeding onto the pillowcase. To remove fresh stains, take off the pillowcase and protective cover. Blot the wet area with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Use a gentle detergent and lukewarm water to create a stain remover solution. Do not use hot water, as it will set the stains and make them harder to remove. Soak a clean cloth in the solution, turn it into a ball and wring it out. Once the stain is removed, use your fingers to rub around the spot before switching back to a clean section.

To remove a water spot, use a new clean cloth, dip into clean, lukewarm water and wring out to remove the excess water. Dab the recently stained area with clean tea towels to remove any soap residue. Allow the pillow to air dry completely before use.

How to do deep cleaning of a memory foam pillow

1. Fill the sink with water. Mix with a small amount of mild detergent. Submerge the pillow completely, squeezing foam gently (avoid wringing).

2. Once stain is removed, drain and refill tub/sink

3. Gently squeeze the pillow until most of the water is removed. Place the pillow on a dry towel and roll, squeezing gently. Repeat 2-3 times.

4. Remove pillow from wet towel and lay on a dry, clean towel. Allow pillow to air dry. It may take up to 1 day.

What all things to be avoided when washing out a memory foam pillow?

Our bamboo pillows are naturally cooling, meaning you stay cool and comfortable all night. They wick away moisture, ensuring a better sleep. Memory foam is a delicate material, and if not treated correctly, it may impact its lifecycle.

1. Don't use harsh chemicals, like blea

2. Ch, to remove wrinkles in a memory foam pillow

3. Never place a memory foam pillow in the washing machine. If it is necessary to wash it, put it in the delicate or hand wash cycle and only use cold water.

4. Memory foam is sensitive and heat can damage it. Never put a memory foam pillow in the dryer. Don't use your fingers to massage a pillow— it can damage the foam.

5. Use cool or lukewarm water to set stains, as hot water will only burn the fibers and make a permanent stain.

6. Don't use memory foam pillows until they're completely dry. The damp interior makes the pillow a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew if you use it before drying out.


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