How to run a shop (Skills Summary) [recommended]

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How to run a shop (Summary of Skills) [recommended ]
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How to run a shop (Summary of Skills) First, the good use of the signature file signature file, make sure to show some of their own product images, and the best animation, so the more direct language Some of the ads. And more attractive animated signature, while the animation you can also display more content, so be sure to take advantage of them, perhaps, that will be attracted to your signature file his small shop. Second, the efforts not only posts messages paste hydrated Oh, the stickers of the best hair of the subject, more likely to attract everyone is published Huitie Three words can not get away with it, the first serious look at published content, aimed at expressing their views, opinions and strive to make your Huitie impress but to find a new message back to the couch to sit on the bench can be, ah, ah, very few people would be willing turn the page content Huitie down to see a lot of people, even if we stay on top of the pole back, the opportunity is also being seen very few. Third, trade names, trade names is very important to careful scrutiny, careless, not the name of the raw materials Taobao thirty words or less, then we use the word these thirty feet, or the trade name for himself all in front of all added to the name of the store, so that buyers of many commodities can see his name often, but not entered, you can at least leave an impression of it, or add anything to draw attention to the words, most especially, what deals and the like, and then goods can describe the color and size are described. Fourth, the House of Orange word Taobao after opening the page to see a lot of small orange print in many fonts in a very striking blue, I, but soon will change, I think buyers will first see the orange bar category, then let's see your baby is not alien to these fine print, if so, do not hesitate to recommend to the window, now, Kitty's house, to put the tent II things are recommended kitten, like stuffed toys, a small bag and a towel sets also Kitty, a lot Oh, but all recommendations, this will increase their views Oh. We can also look at the fine print of that orange. Fifth, the state information on the use of Want Want This status information may also be that their small ads, you can put your name behind the information on promotions, or new information arrival. But words are not too long, it's best to be intuitive. A specific number of words depends on the length of its name. Sixth, do not use auto-reply message when you are online, it is possible that buyers of Want Want message, so your best bet is to set up auto-reply message, this information can help to pacify and keep buyers because we are not online time, the buyer can choose to have things that other stores. VII, the use of personal information QQ basically every vendor I'd like QQ, QQ in the description of staff that are used in it? Anyone who wants to find QQ people should talk to the other side first look at the information bar, then why not take the opportunity to be a little advertising, so people may have been interested in this what our buyers ? Eight, the use of other forums that we can not enjoy Taobao Forum, but to go out and fight in other forums also left our advertising in the store, but remember: do not be so direct advertising, otherwise it just will not play to good effect, in contrast to the offensive. Nine is also dedicated to Pai Pai Yiyuan loss refers to is one dollar Yiyuan Dutch film for me several times Yiyuan dollar Pai and Dutch experimental film, I got the results, a dollar more than the popularity of Netherlands beat Wang Yi Yuanpai several times, the most important, so that the Netherlands won a dollar Taobao recommended page, so the opportunity to be here many, many people are afraid of losing money, but to improve the popular store, or participate in Yiyuan Pai, and come with a little more face of the auction, even if the loss is a loss too, and buyers can also point to other things Shunpian Mai, so we are not Therefore? Products must be in the auction page to add links to some other commodities, to fight for a majority of buyers do not participate in the auction attracted to other things, if we can sell one or two, this auction is not a loss, but also the value of IT? Ten full use of personal space, shops, click your user name is the first to see the personal space, so make sure it was not fixed, people see that you know of a store that sells that is valid and to generate the desire to look at your shop. XI shop link, add Commercial Alliance, the business message that the fire department store recipe I do not know how, I do not think it is very useful, but certainly no harm, no retest. Second, in the notices of vacancies in the hair, but this trick to be used with caution, although it is a humble, courteous, kind and friendly, otherwise annoying place thirteen years, it is recommended that all know This useful trick, but it is difficult to know the sack, so not much better give up, in fact, have no fear, making a vain, vain robbed twice, never mind, anyway, I have to lose, at least you can practice the hand is not it? Specialized, and eventually it will be us one day to get it. Fourth, actively seek business opportunities that fragmentation is followed, the key is to have a sense of initiative. Also, always concerned about the "buyers buy" information, perhaps there is something that buyers need to buy. Fifth, the use of assessment information to be sometimes seen in the assessment of the seller are very simple, either a "good buyer" in the name, or just nothing, in fact, we can use this opportunity to speak, for many buyers in the purchase, the first time you will see what the seller's feedback, then we will have the opportunity to be advertising, and now that the assessments are very good buyer, hope to visit Youyou new toy store, the old customers will be favorable. Or is this: new actions will continue on the shelves, making them resemble this time. Transfer to: shipment online store network
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