After the election of 80 MM car, election or fashion (Photos)

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Sina Auto Channel and the strength of the Beijing Traffic Radio 1039 "I chose my car" program, a good program, weekly video broadcast on Tuesday, the network now Anmei to the show this time are concerned. In fact, since the show was good, in fact the case, whenever a prospective owner of indecision, we all factors into account, so that the host will allow car dealers to the study on behalf of PK, Therefore, the performance of radio licensees, prospective owners will also affect your car. Hong Liang Moderator JJ The show is hosted by a very good, I've heard a lot of games. September 2 today, some 80 representatives of MM Live dealer to 103.9 between the PK, the final program in the last movement Yue, Ma 2, SX4, Polo Cross, today and in Sports and half of the last horse 2 PK. I recently move more concerned about Wyatt, is prepared to deal. PK a look at them now. After the MM 80, although it was moving and Ma Yue Both vehicles in 2 or hesitant, but views still useful, such as engine, chassis, gearbox, no matter, provided that the configuration is good function steering wheel, sunroof, and more on it. Sports and two dealers and the horse on the program on behalf of his murderer out, the PK was very exciting, but the right to speak on behalf of Sport and distribution more attractive, MS is more reassuring. In this program the past, the MM or in support of his father, have chosen Yuet. Unexpectedly, in fact 4S stores together in the MM, it is a coincidence, was the way of his few photos. MM orthogonal ceremony in Beijing, although she laughed so happy, I do not think, I actually witnessed the MM Sports and the whole process of purchase, and if so I have money, but also added to the Hyatt for friends come, they certainly want to wait to Kazakhstan TX. . . I quite like Yue movement, more or less the body of a small, economic performance is not bad. He said young people to show their courage not to go beyond old-time waits for no one Ah, ha, ha, definitely buy this car GM see her happy heart, not Zuidou together. It seems that the car is GM has ah very nice, no doubt this method may have more benefits. Oh, you have to offer? I also want, or we will discount, ah, ah do not know willing to give the boss! Oh, you have to offer? I also want, or we will discount ah do not know the boss willing to give, ah! In fact, I have ah psychological imbalance of power that I do not see that I can not do shame shame upstairs, take the time to make money and strive for buying the car. In fact, it is good to see the car the steering wheel and a little from what is very clear to most
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I quite like Yue movement , more or less the body of a small, economic performance is not bad .
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