Test is invented?

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Supplementary question : Who invented the test?
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Proof in the strict sense is not possible to find inventors to come (I take a large force can not find this as the ratio to find the egg and the hen, as ^ - ^), but the examination system Shito the inventor of a lot of friends there, for example, China's imperial examinations, as the inventor of the Qing reform and election officials to walk a lot of detours. Removing it after the test was to replace the official examination of the chosen school, proved to be the case. Republic of China, although the beginning to build and implement the new system of civil service exam, but due to political constraints of nature and the social environment, the system does not really play a role in the selection of officials in any of Yin. After the founding of New China, the national civil service examination, have experienced neglect, reflection and practice of the process. In the era of planned economy, college graduates to become quasi-pictures, pictures of the selection, appointment without examination. After the reforms, with the construction of political civilization and socialist market economy, civil examination, procurement of services means the beginning of the party and government attention. In the XXI century, the eighties, some provinces and cities in the bank, tax, business, political and legal system to implement the civil service examination. Nineties the State Council issued the "Provisional Regulations of State Civil Servants" and support the "Provisional Regulations on State Civil Service", the system of civil service examinations in China to enter the stage execution. In 2002, China began to implement a unified national judicial examination. Be civil exam service, open, fair and impartial before the election, prevention and reduction is an important measure of political corruption. The review and evaluation and selection of talent means the same in its charm and magic, we must distinguish the pros and cons. Although the examination system of the historical period, but the implication of the positive factors that deserves serious reflection. Knowledge test, tests cultural traditions, and perhaps allow us to more consciously avoid weaknesses, so that consideration of this ancient and full of vitality before the number of meters in the knowledge economy play a role active.
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