Where do diamonds come from? related questions

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Is it true that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds?1Bridget2012-04-22 19:32:09
Is it true that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds ?
Where do diamonds come from?1 ℡ ﹎, Er 2012-02-27 22:03:53
Where do diamonds come from?
How diamonds are created?1Queena2012-03-23 02:10:14
How diamonds are created ?
what are synthetic diamonds?2Dennie2012-04-22 02:33:56
What are synthetic diamonds ?
I want to buy diamonds we recommend, what is better????2COLOUR 2012-03-22 07:53:49
Oh, to be beautiful
What are conflict diamonds used for?1Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-01-29 00:29:00
What are conflict diamonds used ?
Are enhanced diamonds bad?0 large woman. -2012-07-24 18:27:02
Ethical Diamonds, ect3snicky2012-10-27 01:01:02
Ok , I know this is not really here and I'm sorry . I'll come back for another party if there's a section that I missed that would be appropriate. I will propose that sometime in the near future. My girlfriend and I have watched as rings and gaskets in line ( exactly when the actual official request is going to be and such, still going to be a surprise ... ) anyway, we came across this site , < / a> and looks good * really *. Canadian conflict diamonds just free trade , gold recovered, even the box it comes in is made from renewable forests and all that good stuff eco- friendly, it is more about those things than me, but I prefer all that kind of stuff clean ethics . but those things true ? I mean , I've seen anything that says the Kimberly process or whatever , is not as reliable, and another that says the Canadian diamond is not as " clean" as advertised in some places it is ... the amount of juice sentimental suckers for money , how reliable? and what about certifications ? what worried me a bit here is that the place stating that seem to use , does not seem to have the reputation of the most pristine and that worries me . also, how small is too small? What is a "normal" size for a diamond ring? ( Which takes after the marrige so not only for participation) the difference in price for more millimeters in diameter looks more like a subsantial if a good cut and everything. an idea that I thought would get loose diamond , you need to check or something, and if it should be, then put it in a ring, and if not return it ? How much verification is carried ?
How are synthetic diamonds made?1Mattea2012-05-10 23:05:59
How are synthetic diamonds made ​​?
has anyone done business with fako diamonds co ltd2﹍ ゛ ◇ fiance 2012-08-28 05:36:02
does anyone know if fako diamondsco ltd is an honest company ???
How much are man-made diamonds worth?1 â„¡ shochu Ping â„¡ -2011-12-17 06:32:25
How to create different colored diamonds?1Horatia2012-03-20 19:22:07
How to create diamonds of different colors?

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