Activated carbon material

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Activated carbon adsorption, is the use of activated carbon on the solid surface of the water adsorption or a variety of substances, in order to achieve the role of water purification.activated carbon manufacturers 

The adsorption of activated carbon is produced in two aspects.One is that the molecules inside the activated carbon are subjected to equal forces in all directions while the molecules on the surface are subjected to uneven forces.This makes other points adsorbed on its surface, which is physical adsorption;The other is due to the chemical action between activated carbon and adsorbed substances, which is chemical adsorption.The adsorption of activated carbon is the result of the comprehensive action of the above two kinds of adsorption.powdered activated carbon (pac) 

When the adsorption speed and desorption speed of activated carbon in the solution is equal, that is, the number of activated carbon adsorption is equal to the number of desorption, the concentration of the adsorbed material in the solution and the concentration on the surface of activated carbon are no longer intermingled, that is, to achieve the balance, the dynamic balance at this time is called activated carbon adsorption balance. 


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