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Ding Xinda activated carbon processing and manufacturing02022-02-10 18:54:54
The polishing slurry and processing technology of micro-abrasive slurry jet were studied.gold recovery from activated carbon  Through the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of additives and their state changes under the jet, the comprehensive effects of the types and proportions of different additives, as well as the types, proportions and particle sizes of abrasive on the formation of uniform slurry, the promotion of good abrasive dispersion and the jet polishing effect were explored.activated carbon china manufacturers   The effects of different types of nozzles, polishing slurry, jet distance, jet time, different initial RA, jet pressure and jet Angle on the surface profile, material removal depth and surface quality of the workpiece were studied through polishing experiments. The local Ra of the optical glass surface is in the range of 20nm~50nm by MASJP, and the lowest Ra is 10.24nm. 1. Combined with Zeta potential, sedimentation experiment, viscosity measurement and other methods, the influence of various dispersants on CEO and slurry suspension effect was studied. The results showed that the formula with good stability was the appropriate concentration of mixed dispersant (NAP +SBN) or (NAP +PAM+SBN). 
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1. Combined with Zeta potential, sedimentation experiment, viscosity measurement and other methods, the influence of various dispersants on CEO and slurry suspension effect was studied. The results showed that the formula with good stability was the appropriate concentration of mixed dispersant (NAP +SBN) or (NAP +PAM+SBN).gold recovery from activated carbon  2. The removal rate of CEOZ slurry prepared with mixed dispersant (NAP +PAM+SBN) in the processing of K9 glass by MASJP was higher than that of other mixed dispersants.activated carbon china manufacturers   By comparing the processing effect of MASJP with and without mixed additives, it is found that the processing effect of MASJP with mixed additives (NAP +PAM+SBN) has higher surface quality, which can significantly reduce the interface area between the polished area and the unpolished surface and increase the smooth surface as much as possible.3. Combining online observation and single factor method, the formation process of the surface features of the polished area was studied. The experimental results showed that the surface morphology of the polished area showed a W-shaped bowl structure in the vertical jet machining, and an eccentric bowl structure in the crescent shape in the oblique jet machining.Compared with the abrasive water jet machining effect, it is found that the W shape and crescent shape characteristics of the polishing region of MASJP are relatively flat, the smooth surface is larger and the surface quality is higher. 4. When applying nozzle with different outlet shapes in MASJP, it is found that the fluid ejected from the cylindrical nozzle flows out along the direction of the jet and does not disperse. The processing area of the fan-shaped nozzle is large, the polishing area is approximately a rectangle, and the removal depth near the nozzle is larger.Hollow conical nozzle processing finished parts, the polishing area formed a hollow circle, the central part of the removal of less, the circumference of the removal of deep;The removal depth of the polishing area decreases gradually from the center to the circumference after the finished piece is processed by the solid conical nozzle. 5, the workpiece surface profile and material removal depth with the selection of polishing slurry composition changes.With the increase of abrasive concentration, the material removal depth increases, which is roughly in a proportional relationship.With the increase of abrasive particle size, the material removal depth also increases. 
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When the temperature is below 600℃, the specific surface area of carbonized material increases with the increase of temperature.When 600~900℃, the specific surface area reaches a certain value: 250~300 m2/g; when above1000℃, the specific surface area shrinks rapidly. When the carbonization temperature is above 800℃, the reaction performance of carbonized compounds and activation gas gradually becomes weaker, so the carbonization temperature is generally below 1000℃. However, if the residual volatile content and thermal effect are taken into account, the most suitable temperature should be 600~700℃39].gold recovery activated carbon  The carbonized substance obtained from the carbonization process is placed in water vapor or a mixture of water vapor and combustion gas and heat treated at 800~1000℃, which is called the activation process.coconut activated carbon factory   The commonly  sed activation gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, etc., due to the oxidation reaction of these gases on the surface of the carbonized substance, eroding the carbonized substance, thus producing a rich porous structure.(2) Chemical method. Chemical activation method is a method of preparing activated carbon by adding chemicals to the raw materials used or impregnation into the raw materials or carbonized materials, and then heating it at high temperature in inert gas.The chemicals used in chemical activation are generally dehydrating.The more commonly used activator is: inorganic acid varieties have phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and boric acid, salt varieties have zinc chloride, calcium carbonate and potassium sulfate, alkali varieties have sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc. 
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At this time, the concentration of the adsorbed substance in the solution is called equilibrium concentration.In aerobic part, a self-made internal circulating biological fluidized bed reactor was used to treat organic pesticide wastewaterThe effects of internal circulating biological fluidized bed on the removal of organic matter and the deamination of organic pesticide wastewater, the change of wastewater biodegradability and acute biological toxicity were investigated.The results show that the internal circulation biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier has a fast speed of membrane and can be cultured in about days by the rapid sludge drainage methodOut of activated sludge.The internal circulating biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier is not sensitive to temperature change at 1 ℃, and has a certain impact resistance ability.Aeration amount has effect on the treatmentToo large or too small aeration will reduce the reactor treatment efficiency.The optimal hydraulic retention time of the internal circulating biological fluidized bed using granular activated carbon as carrier is, and the treatment effect will be affected if the hydraulic retention time is too long or too short. gold adsorption onto activated carbon  At the aeration rate of /,During hydraulic retention, the total helium removal rate is.%,.%, water effluent/up tothe biodegradability of wastewater was significantly improved, and the acute biological toxicity was reduced by %.When the efficiency of internal circulating activated carbon biological fluidized bed treatment is.%, the reaction is obtained activated carbon manufacturers uae 
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In view of the characteristics of large amount of matter and high content of benzene organic matter in gas, the method of removing these substances is studied and the solution is given. In this study, the concentration of benzene, naphthalene and ash in gas before purifying feed-gas compressor was determined by chromatograph, picric acid titration and weighing method respectively. According to the measured values, the experimental flow was designed, and coke column and activated carbon column were made by themselves. The isobarisothermal adsorption properties of activated carbon at different temperatures, at different pressures and at different flow rates were determined by using the gas produced in the system as samples.The adsorption effluent curve of benzene by activated carbon was plotted. The effects of different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under static environment, the effects of steam at different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under dynamic environment and the effects of nitrogen at different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under dynamic environment were studied. The experimental results showed that high pressure and low temperature were beneficial to the adsorption, and the flow rate had little effect on the equilibrium adsorption capacity in the range of experimental flow rate. The adsorption capacity of benzene by activated carbon in the experiment was 150~170mg/g under operating conditions. At the same time, the filtration and adsorption properties of coke were tested. The experiment shows that the adsorption performance of the test coke on benzene is very weak, can not be used as the nitrogen adsorbent, but the coke filter and adsorption performance of ash and naphthalene is very good, the content of naphthalene and ash after the gas through the coke column completely meet the design requirements. The results show that the combined use of coke and activated carbon in the gas system can completely achieve the purpose of removing benzene, naphthalene and ash. According to the above research results, a coke filter was designed. The application of the equipment solved the problems that the feedstock gas compressor in the urea blackening unit could not run for a long period due to the vibration caused by the scaling of the rotor, the blockage of the flow channel and the problems that the naphthalene formation in the heat exchanger affected the heat transfer effect. 
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In view of the fact that the exhaust gas of printing, tanning and coating industries contains benzene, toluene and ethyl acetate, etc., the kinetics of treating the exhaust gas by activated carbon adsorption method was studied experimentally, and the optimization of operating parameters of the fixed bed adsorber was explored, which could be used for reference in engineering design.www.chinactivecarbon.com/   The experimental results show that the adsorption equilibrium of pure components is in good agreement with the Langmuir equation. In the case of multi-component adsorption, due to the competition and interference between each component, the component with strong adsorption ability can replace the other component that has been absorbed, so that the penetration curve of each component has obvious changes.wholesale activated carbon pellet  The penetration point of the components with relatively weak adsorption capacity was significantly advanced, while the penetration time of the components with strong adsorption capacity was delayed. In this paper, E-L equation and IAST theory are used for theoretical prediction and analysis of multi-component adsorption equilibrium, and compared with experimental results. The results show that although the prediction of total adsorption amount by E-L equation is in good agreement with the experimental results, the prediction of each component adsorption amount by E-L equation often produces positive and negative deviation, and the average error is usually more than 20%. 
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In general, all compounds with conjugate double bond structure, activated carbon is easy to adsorption, the more often double bond, activated carbon on its adsorption capacity is greater. This is mainly because activated carbon has a hexagonal structure formed by the combination of covalent bonds (with large bond structure properties of aromatic ring), which is easy to be mutual www.chinactivecarbon.com/   Some pigments, most of which have a strategic structure, are easy to be adsorbed on the carbon. In the process of recrystallization, activated carbon decolorization is added to remove impurities. This is the reason. For the same skeleton compounds or the same type of compounds, the introduction of amine, hydroxyl, carboxyl and other polar groups will often increase the adsorption of activated carbon to it. The adsorption power of activated carbon on the material is related to the structure of the adsorbed material and the solvent used.wholesale activated carbon pellet  The adsorption capacity is usually strongest in water, followed by ethanol and acetone, and weaker in other solvents. Therefore, the decolorization with activated carbon is the best in aqueous solution, followed by ethanol and acetone, and almost no decolorization ability in other organic solvents. The size of the adsorption force of activated carbon on the solute in the solution, in addition to the size of the activated carbon and the structure of the adsorbed matter, must also consider the interaction between solute and solvent, that is, must also consider the size of the solute solubility of the solvent. Activated carbon chromatography is often carried out in an aqueous solution, the solubility of the adsorbate in water when there is a key role in the adsorption capacity or adsorption stability. For example, the adsorption of activated carbon on iodine, flash iodine in the water towel solubility is minimum, so the adsorption of activated carbon in water is the largest. Another example of activated carbon on the adsorption of trans butadienoic acid is greater than cis butadienoic acid, the reason is that the solubility of trans butadienoic acid in water than cis butadienoic acid. 
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Wood activated carbon in China since the 1970 s, the proportion of total domestic activated carbon production of 80% to 40% of the 90 s, but our country coal resources are relatively abundant, variety complete, and low cost, stable and reliable supply, taking coal base as raw material to the production of coal based activated carbon percentage rise gradually, in the 1970 s and 90 s, coal-based activated carbon in China increased from 15% to 60% of the total amount of active carbon, and present a trend of increasing 1 all the time.activated charcoal suppliers & manufacturers  Therefore, the preparation technology of coal based activated carbon has been widely valued at home and abroad, and has made great development.At the same time, it has improved the performance of coal-based activated carbon products and become the world's largest activated carbon product in terms of production and consumption, accounting for about 70% of the total output of activated carbon in the ancient world.However, due to the protection of the environment and high-quality coal and wood resources, some developed countries have introduced relevant laws and regulations to limit the production of high pollution and high energy consumption of activated carbon, resulting in the production and export of activated carbon gradually reduced;On the other hand, because activated carbon is a resource-consuming, labor-intensive product, the production cost of activated carbon produced in developed countries is high, and its competitiveness in the international market is gradually declining.The activated carbon exported by China is mainly of middle and low grade varieties, with low added value. In order to occupy the international market share, enterprises generally adopt low-price marketing strategy, resulting in the low price of activated carbon in the international market.Statistics show that at present, the average price of China's exported activated carbon is only one quarter of that of the United States.www.wyactivatedcarbon.com   This extremely low selling price, for the activated carbon preparation industry, which relies on resource consumption to a large extent, is undoubtedly a waste of precious data. Activated carbon industry is currently facing the dilemma of low price and resource waste. Due to the rapid development of activated carbon industry in some Southeast Asian countries with relatively rich resources, the export of activated carbon is increasing year by year. International buyers use their sales channels to maliciously undercut prices; Domestic industry standards such as: output, capital, technology, environmental protection and other aspects, low entry threshold, the flood of small enterprises. There are some small enterprises lack of funds, the corresponding preparation technology is backward, in the market shoddy, malicious price. As a result, the precious characteristic resources in the process of preparing activated carbon are wasted, leading to the shortage of high quality raw media. 
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② chemical activation method.Activated carbon can be obtained after high temperature treatment by using the gas released by the activator or soaking the raw material with the activator.Activated carbon has a micro product structure, the micro product arrangement is completely irregular, the product body has micropores (radius is less than 20[angstroms]=10-10 meters), through the hole (halfDiameter 20~1000), large hole (radius 1000~100000), so that it has a large inner surface, specific surface area of 500~1700 m 2/ g.This determines that activated carbon has good adsorption, can adsorb the metal ions in waste water and waste gas, harmful gases, organic pollutants, pigments and so on. gold coconut shell activated carbon  Industry should beActivated carbon also requires high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, its structure is stable, small energy required for adsorption, in order to be conducive to regeneration.Activated carbon for oilDecolorization, deodorization, gas separation, solvent recovery and air conditioning of fat, beverage, food and drinking water, used as catalyst or adsorbent for body and gas mask.Physical characteristics:Activated carbon is a kind of multi-aperture carbonization, has a very rich pore structure, has good adsorption characteristics, its adsorption by physical and chemicalAbsorbed from the force, the appearance of the color and lustre is black.Its composition in addition to the main carbon, but also contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, its structure is shaped like a hexagon, due to the irregular hexagon structure, determine the characteristics of its body also incandescentand high surface area, each gram of activated carbon has the equivalent of 1000 square meters than the surface. 
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High-quality granular activated carbon must have good adsorption performance and strength. Like powdery activated carbon, the adsorption performance of granular activated carbon depends largely on the characteristics of pore structure. The adsorption performance index can be analyzed and characterized by different methods, such as the decolorization performance of activated carbon expressed by methylene blue. Other performance indexes include iodine adsorption value, caramel decolorization rate, etc.activated carbon for gold recovery  The pore structure characteristics and specific surface area of activated carbon are usually obtained by measuring nitrogen adsorption isotherm at low temperature with adsorption apparatus.activated carbon wholesale  For the gas phase adsorption, the size of the gas molecules is usually less than 1. ONM, the use of microporous activated carbon; For liquid-phase decolorization refining, due to the large size of the liquid molecules, it is necessary to use activated carbon with developed mesopore. Activated carbon has a large specific surface area and a particularly developed micro-pore structure, which is the main reason for its strong adsorption capacity and large adsorption capacity. 
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2.1.3 Determination of ash content. Put 150mL porcelain cyanosis pot in muffle furnace, burn it at (65020) "℃ to constant weight, put the cyanosis pot in dryer, cool and weigh; Weigh 5 grams of the crushed sample (approximately 0.1mg) and place it in 150mL porcelain coating that has been burned to constant weight; Put Zengtan into a muffle furnace whose temperature does not exceed 300℃, open the cyanosis cap, and gradually increase the temperature to a constant weight at 650 ℃ 20℃. It takes about three hours. Calculate ash value and get ash content.activated carbon for gold recovery  2.1.4 Determination of methylene blue adsorption value. The crushed sample was weighed with 1.0 grams (approximately to 1mg) and placed in a 100mL grinding stopper conical flask. An appropriate amount of methylene blue test solution was added with an eyedrot. The filtrate was placed in a colorimetric dish with a light diameter of LCM, and the absorbance was measured with a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 665nm. The absorbance was compared with the absorbance of the standard cupric sulfate filter. The number of ml of methylene blue test solution consumed was the methylene blue adsorption value of the sample. activated carbon wholesale  
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At present, the organic pollution of drinking water source is relatively serious. The organic pollutants themselves are not only highly toxic, but also may generate halogenated disinfection by-products (DBPs) after chlorination disinfection. Meanwhile, the existence of organic compounds will reduce the biological stability of drinking water and lead to the secondary reproduction of microorganisms in the pipe network. Therefore, it is important to reduce the content of organic pollutants in drinking water. Conventional water treatment process has low removal efficiency for organic pollutants, so it is imperative to seek economic and efficient treatment technology. On the basis of giving full play to the advantages of ozone oxidation to remove organic matter, ozone catalytic oxidation technology can induce the formation of highly oxidizing hydroxyl radical (-Oh), which can effectively remove trace organic pollutants that are difficult to degrade in water and reduce the content of ozone oxidation by-products. It is a kind of water treatment method with great prospect.activated carbon for gold recovery  Laboratory studies have shown that ceramic honeycomb activated carbon catalytic ozone oxidation technology and removal of trace organic matter in water has more obvious advantages, but the catalytic oxidation and active carbon process characteristics to be in-depth study, therefore the pilot was investigated through honeycomb ceramic catalytic ozonation and activated carbon catalytic ozonation and activated carbon filter combination process operation characteristics. activated carbon wholesale 

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