Ding Xinda activated carbon conductivity with the price

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Chemical activation method is to mix raw materials with chemicals in a certain proportion, impregnation for a period of time, kneading and plasticizing at an appropriate temperature, and then carbonization and activation are completed in one step.

The chemicals commonly used are ZNC12, H5PO and KOH.

At present, more research is done on H; activated charcoal suppliers & manufacturers 

PO4 activation method, the technological process is shown in Figure 1-2.www.wyactivatedcarbon.com al activation process is characterized by low activation temperature (generally 400-600℃), easy to adjust the pore structure of the product.

However, there are also some disadvantages :(1) it is highly corrosive to equipment; (2) it pollutes the environment, etc., which makes the chemical method limited to a certain extent.

There are many researches on activation by adding H3P04 at home and abroad. In China, the development and research work of preparing activated carbon by using phosphoric acid method with wood chips as raw material has been carried out since the end of 1980s,It has been successfully put into industrial application in the 1990s,The mesopore (transition pore) structure of products produced by phosphoric acid activation method is well developed and has wide application fields. 


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