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Does not interfere with air circulation02022-02-06 21:04:05
An air purifier is an excellent device for filtering indoor air. They have a fan and a set of filters to recirculate the air. However, be careful when using an air purifier for effective air filtration. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your air purifier. Does not interfere with air circulation. If you are new to purchasing an air purifier, you may be wondering where is the best place to install an air purifier. You should know that the location of your air purifier is very important. Most air purifiers have a horizontal air inlet and a vertical air outlet. Do not block the air circulation of the air purifier with objects. Keep a minimum distance of 15 cm from curtains and walls. It is essential to place the purifier on a flat surface such as a floor, nightstand or table. Whether it's a support wheel or a caster, the flat surface provides stability and improves performance. Use a stool to lift the air purifier and catch the smoke efficiently. Try to place it in the center of the room. Do not use the HEPA air purifier in a humid place such as a bathroom. Moisten the fibrous media filter. Avoid placing the air purifier outdoors. Keep doors and windows closed Air purifiers work best indoors. Keep windows and doors closed when the air purifier is on. Otherwise, it will take an indefinite amount of time to clean the air in the room, but healthy room air requires ventilation. Open the windows from time to time to get fresh air into the room. How do I need to run an air purifier to save electricity? Some people are concerned about saving electricity in purification equipment. In fact, purifying the air every day and running it for hours not only consumes machines, but also consumes huge amounts of electricity. Consider operating it while you are at home. If you are not using an air purifying machine at a certain time, keep the windows open to properly ventilate smoke and other airborne particles, especially on sunny days. .. Running the purifier for a few minutes before bed and letting it sit overnight will improve the quality of your sleep, but you can turn the machine off the morning before you leave. You can also set the purifier fan to low at night to reduce noise and save energy. Also, by regularly vacuuming the filters and machines, you can reduce the running time of the vacuum cleaner and reduce your electricity bill by a certain amount. Last but not least, don't forget to consider adjusting your air purifier usage based on the time of year. Summer is the season with the highest levels of pollen and other pollutants, so we run our machines longer than other seasons.You can check more at  
High-power infrared can interfere with cell phone signal?1antilope2012-01-18 17:29:05
High Power Infrared can interfere with cell phone signal ?
Activated Carbon Circulation Report02021-05-28 00:18:53
When the adsorption time is 85 min, take n-600), and the calculated theoretical curve is shown in FigureIt can be seen from the figure that the measured curve is in good agreement with the theoretical curve.Fig. 2 is the simulation result of the total number of Y taken out over time after activated carbon adsorbs 1 radon atom from the environment every second and continues to adsorb for 3 days.After the activated carbon was taken out, the total number of V reached the maximum after t time, and then the total number became smaller. After about 50 min, the total number of V decreased by a negative exponential function.activated charcoal nz wholesale  The curve can be divided into a stationary area and a measuring area. The width of the stationary area (i.e. the duration of the stationary area) is set at (t+50) min, followed by the measuring area. There is no obvious rule of counting in the standing zone. Should be avoided during this period of time.Total number of;The measurement area is counted Made of animal blood blood carbon, made of animal bones bone charcoal (there is very little, but bone charcoal carbon main ingredients of hydroxy calcium phosphate), with active carbon molecular sieve made of various materials, made of strong base and carbon materials of high surface area activated carbon, is made of organic polymer solution after mold made of special process method of activated carbon, activated carbon aerogels and so on. activated carbon pellets for water filter  Some of them are very small production and dosage, and some are still in the laboratory research stage, so they are included in the category of small varieties of activated carbon products. ade of all kinds of hard wood, crop wastes, and other industrial and agricultural wastes containing lignocellulose The beansMaterial as raw material, through the chemical method, physical method or physical-chemical combination of activated carbon. At this time, the concentration of the adsorbed substance in the solution is called equilibrium concentration.In aerobic part, a self-made internal circulating biological fluidized bed reactor was used to treat organic pesticide wastewaterThe effects of internal circulating biological fluidized bed on the removal of organic matter and the deamination of organic pesticide wastewater, the change of wastewater biodegradability and acute biological toxicity were investigated.The results show that the internal circulation biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier has a fast speed of membrane and can be cultured in about days by the rapid sludge drainage methodOut of activated sludge.The internal circulating biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier is not sensitive to temperature change at 1 ℃, and has a certain impact resistance ability.Aeration amount has effect on the treatmentToo large or too small aeration will reduce the reactor treatment efficiency.The optimal hydraulic retention time of the internal circulating biological fluidized bed using granular activated carbon as carrier is, and the treatment effect will be affected if the hydraulic retention time is too long or too short. At the aeration rate of /,During hydraulic retention, the total helium removal rate is.%,.%, water effluent/up tothe biodegradability of wastewater was significantly improved, and the acute biological toxicity was reduced by %.When the efficiency of internal circulating activated carbon biological fluidized bed treatment is.%, the reaction is obtained 
Activated Carbon Circulation Report02021-05-30 19:11:06
Firstly, the adsorption and desorption isotherms of three activated carbons for coconut shell-based smoke and three activated carbons for apricot kernel based smoke were determined by low temperature nitrogen adsorption method. The specific surface area and total pore volume were calculated by BET model. The microstructure parameters and pore size distribution of micropores and mesopores were calculated by H-K method and BJH method, respectively. The surface morphology of activated carbon was also observed by scanning electron microscope. The results show that the pore structure of activated carbon for commercial tobacco is different at present. Among the six activated carbon samples selected, Y1 and CTN are microporous activated carbon, and the micropore ratio is more than 97%. X3 and X5 samples were medium pore activated carbon with microporosity of only 69.3% and 55.5%. The micropore contents of X2 and Y5 samples were 87.2% and 81.8%, respectively, between X3 and X5 samples and Y1 and CTN samples. SEM observation of the surface morphology of activated carbon samples for smoke showed that the surface of activated carbon was honeycomb-like with developed pores, and the large pores were all in the shape of open pipe structure. There were various small circular and elliptical holes on the pipe wall.  granular activated charcoal coconut  Activated carbon is porous carbon material, has a strong adsorption capacity,Widely used in air purification, wastewater treatment and other fields.The reactive nitric acid is placed in an environment to absorb radon gas, and then Y measurement is carried out, which can be pushedcarbon activated manufacturer  Calculate the radon concentration in the environment.Activated carbon Y energy spectrum is one of the main methods for measuring radon.In 1957, Mirandajr "used activated carbon as an adsorber to measure radon concentrations in the atmosphere;Since then, many scholars have carried out a series of theoretical and experimental studies on the method of measuring radon on activated carbon, and it has been widely used in the study of radon release rate 23. In 1986, Lin Lianqing et al. carried out radon measurement by activated carbon. In 1993, China promulgated the national standard 5 for the method of measuring radon by activated carbon V energy spectrum. Since then, this method has been popularized and applied in China, and has achieved satisfactory results in the determination of radon release rate and radon concentration in air L6-8.The radon measurement by activated carbon mainly measures the energy spectrum peak of 2Pb or 21Bi, and the radon concentration value is calculated from the net peak area. This method can distinguish 2Rn daughters, which is convenient for attenuation correction, and has a strong anti-interference ability for other Y radiators (such as 2Rn and its daughters, etc.).However, it requires high energy resolution and low counting rate. The theoretical basis, attenuation correction and standing time of this radon measurement method are discussed. 
Why are Canadian coins found in American circulation?0gee gee2012-09-12 11:05:03
I realize that sometimes I have Canadian coins as change. My question is : If the federal reserve note is the current U.S. currency Why people use Canadian coins and makes coins have value for trade in the U.S. ?
What's the difference between adjusted monetary base and currency in circulation?0mbevz2012-09-19 23:13:02
What is the difference between the adjusted monetary and currency in circulation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are two letters from the Federal Reserve that are almost identical right to the end, so why is there such a big difference ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
As she reached for the magazine, Mary discovered a document market confidential Restricted Circulation with AA?0Melissa922012-09-25 06:35:13
Mary Smith is the director of market intelligence to the automotive accessories acme ( AAA ) Corporation , a manufacturing company of $ 500 million traded on the New York Stock Exchange . MedlinePlus As she boarded a plane with one of his subordinates , for a trip from Chicago to retune the company

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