Step, a thorough knowledge workers to solve management problems!

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Step , the background knowledge workers to solve management problems ! Knowledge workers accompanied by the development of the times produced by Peter Drucker said knowledge workers are the kind of " master and apply the symbols and concepts, using the work of knowledge or information of the people." Symplectic Kautsky later than : are knowledge workers who create wealth , people with the brain than by hand . Through their creativity , analyze , judge, synthesize, that add value to the product. Knowledge workers engaged in the production , creation, extension and application of knowledge of the activities of the unit ( or organization) to give added value of knowledge capital , and as a team . With the current requirements of domestic enterprises to continuously improve the quality of staff , knowledge workers within the company to rapidly improve , while the proportion of this post has been edited on 24/07/2006 11:08 crystal_happy : 13
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