Activated carbon material

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Its adsorption is selective, and non-polar substances are easier to be adsorbed than polar substances.In the same series of substances, the higher the boiling point of the substance, the more tolerantEasy to be adsorbed, the greater the pressure, the lower the temperature, the greater the concentration, the greater the amount of adsorption.On the contrary, decompression and heating are beneficial to gas desorption.It is often used for gas adsorption,Separation and purification, recovery of solvents, decolorizing agents for sugar solution, grease, glycerin, medicine, deodorant for drinking water and refrigerators, filter agent for gas masks,It can also be used as a catalyst or metal salt catalyst carrier.Early production of activated carbon raw materials for wood, hard nut shell or animal bones, later mainly used coal, after dryingDistillation, activation treatment after the production of activated carbon methods are :① steam, gas activation method.Carbon is activated by water vapor or carbon dioxide at 850~900℃.gold adsorption onto activated carbon 

② chemical activation method.Activated carbon can be obtained after high temperature treatment by using the gas released by the activator or soaking the raw material with the activator.Activated carbon has a micro product structure, the micro product arrangement is completely irregular, the product body has micropores (radius is less than 20[angstroms]=10-10 meters), through the hole (halfDiameter 20~1000), large hole (radius 1000~100000), so that it has a large inner surface, specific surface area of 500~1700 m 2/ g.This determines that activated carbon has good adsorption, can adsorb the metal ions in waste water and waste gas, harmful gases, organic pollutants, pigments and so on. activated carbon manufacturers uae 

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